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“The Fatal Love” – ballet in the Curium amphitheater

Sunday 24th of July at 20:00

The ancient Curium amphitheater will host the performance by the Russian ballet  “Moskoviya” of “The Fatal Love”.

“The Fatal Love”- is a story of two geniuses- the poet Sergey Esenin and of the dancer Isadora Duncan. She did not know Russian, he did not know English, however this was not an obstacle to their love, since their language of communication was the love itself.

A whirlwind romance full of passion, quarrels, reconciliation, happiness, jealousy, despair, hope, and adoration of each other, did not leave indifferent not only the people who surrounded them, but many subsequent generations, forcing some to admire and others to hate.

Все было незабываемым, порой даже скандальным, острым и роковым в их жизни. Она была гениальным революционером в мире танца и в своей свободной раскрепощенной жизни, он – прославленным хулиганом и великим поэтом России. Все в их жизни было такое разное и в тоже время такое похожее, даже трагическая гибель поэта и танцовщицы была разной и пугающе похожей.

Everything was unforgettable, sometimes scandalous, acute and fatal in their life. She was a brilliant revolutionary in the world of dance in her free and unfettered life, he is a glorified bully and a great Russian poet. Everything in their lives was so different and at the same time so similar- even their tragic deaths were different and yet frighteningly similar.

For additional information, call at: 99 157379

Tickets can be purchased at


Place: Curium Ancient Theater
Address: Limassol Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Theatre

Ticket price:

  • €15 - per ticket
  • €10 - дети до 18 лет

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