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What is Vegan Fam Festival?
Vegan Fam Festival is a celebration of all forms of life and an opportunity for anyone interested in a healthy zero harm lifestyle, to come together and enjoy an exciting day. The festival will be organized for the first time in Cyprus, at the Ancient Olive Tree Park, Psematismenos Village, Larnaca on the 14th September..

To whom is the festival addressed?
The Vegan Fam Festival is addressed not only at vegans but anyone who is interested in healthy living for them and the planet.

Why Vegan Fam Festival?
Veganism is not only about eating habits but also a lifestyle that is rapidly growing in Cyprus and all over the world. People turn towards a vegan lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons. The festival is an opportunity to gain new knowledge, try vegan food, shop ethically sourced products and have fun.

What will you see?
Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about veganism through speeches and seminars, taste vegan food and sweets, attend workshops, yoga classes, cooking courses, gardening, product exhibitions, kids’ corner, shop and listen to DJ ’s and live music performances.


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Ticket price:

  • €free - per ticket

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