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Company Panicos Ioannides: auditing services

Panicos IoannidesCоmpany Panicos Ioannides offers a full range of services in the area of accounting and auditing, finances, consultations on corporate taxation and development of professional solutions for clients.

The priority of company’s specialists is the development of efficient programmes to solve problems and tasks in the area of finances. The experience of the company’s operations in Cyprus allows it to make reasonable proposals to increase the client’s revenue and profits, as well as ensure growth of financial figures.

Аuditing company Panicos Ioannides is ready to offer the following services to its clients:

Services to register companies

  • putting companies in the register of registered enterprises of the Republic of Cyprus;
  • VAT registration;
  • maintenance of tax records for companies and directors;
  • registration of a company in social funds.

Services of accounting records maintenance, payroll management and annual reporting

  • Panicos Ioannides accounting records maintenance, preparation and payment of VAT;
  • preparation of monthly payroll calculations;
  • payment of monthly social bills;
  • preparation of managerial accounts, including payables and receivables accounts, statistics reports, etc;
  • preparation of monthly financial accounts;
  • consulting;
  • budgeting;
  • preparation of annual accounts.

Services of ready accounts presentation

  • conduct of annual audits;
  • preparation of documents for tax reimbursement;
  • preparation of temporary tax declarations;
  • tax payments;
  • provision of secretarial services;
  • provision of legal address;
  • preparation of reports for annual taxes;
  • consultations on taxation.

Preparation of tax declarations for management

  • Panicos Ioannides

    hiring / firing of directors;

  • hiring / firing of secretary of the company;
  • a change of legal address;
  • preparation of documents for share transfers;
  • registration of trademarks and trade stamps.



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