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Legal firm Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C. Advocates & Legal Consultants

Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C.Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C. is a legal firm whose specialists focus on the areas of legislation connected with entrepreneurship.

The professional lawyers of the company provide highly personified legal services. Advocates and employees of the company, who have extensive knowledge and experience, ensure a comprehensive legal service to the client in accordance with the client’s requirements, goals and requests.

Company lawyers represent clients at all stages of disputes, which include negotiations, intermediary activities, conduct of arbitration cases, representation in courts of justice with the aim of ensuring fair compensation and legal protection.

Company Soteris Pittas & Co. L.L.C. has close links and established contacts with famous auditing firms, private investment managers and fiduciaries in Cyprus, Russia and the former Soviet Union States.

The company’s specialists work hard to ensure a high quality service with an individual approach to each client.


Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C.

In more than 20 years of active operations the management and employees of the company have acquired significant experience in settling disputes and conflicts, as well as in developing decisions to avoid legal risks.

For example, in the area of marine legislation consultations on various issues are held, beginning with complaints about cargo to the consideration of the consequences of accidents, as well as judicial proceedings and insurance legislation in the area of the shipping business.

Company clients are ship owners, P&I clubs, shipyards, bunker and ship servicing companies, ship brokers, cargo and ship underwriters, marine engineering companies, rescuers, etc.

All legal problems which the company solves are under the control of partners and management, whilst development of solutions is carried out by lawyers of corresponding departments specializing in certain areas of legislation.

Soteris Pittas & Co L.L.C.

Key areas of the company’s activities include:

  • corporate and commercial judicial proceedings;
  • maritime law;
  • international and internal arbitration;
  • services in the corporate legislation area;
  • international business operations.



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