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Consulting company Aligorex Consult Ltd

Marina in LarnacaAligorex Consult Ltd is a licensed international consulting company, whose staff consists of competent and dedicated young professionals. The goal of the staff and management of the company is to provide high quality services at  a competitive price.

Company Aligorex Consult Ltd has been offering corporate services since 2009. The head office of Aligorex Consult Ltd is located in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia. With the aim of offering better services for clients the company opened representative offices in Moscow and Riga. The company plans to widen its presence in Russia and the CIS countries with time.

Aligorex Consult Ltd has been a licensed international company from the Cyprus Bar Association since 2014.  Since June 2013 company Aligorex Consult Ltd is also an official licensed provider of corporate services in United Arab Emirates (UАE).

At present the company offers services in more than 30 countries, among which  Europe, Asia and America should be singled out. The most popular destinations where they offer their services to clients are Cyprus, UАE, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Belize, the Seychelles, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Singapore, Hong Kong and others.

Company specialists are ready to offer the following types of services:

  • global cоrporate services and related services;
  • access to bаnking services;
  • maintenance of accounting records and auditing services (with support from a licensed partner);
  • provision of cоnsultations in any operations concerning real estate and recommendations in receiving a residential permit and citizenship in Latvia, Greece, in Cyprus, and other countries of Europe and the Caribbean , (with the help of company partner Pro Land Expert Ltd);
  • consultations on providing a wide access to alternative investments (rare strategic metals, elite alcohol, pieces of art);
  • legal consultations in the area of risks and tax planning with participation of the Cyprus’ largest companies, which have been practicing successfully for more than 10 years;
  • provision of consultations and services in the area of information technologies in partnership with Aligorex IT Services Ltd.


Aligorex Consult Ltd

Сompany specialists offer professional consultations on the choice of jurisdictions and the choice of banks depending on the direction of a business and taking all individual requests of the client into consideration.

Company Aligorex Consult Ltd applies the highest requirements to the safety and confidentiality of information. The right of a client to а trust-based and careful treatment of his personal data is an obligatory requisite in conducting business.

License Aligorex Consult signed by president of Cyprus Bar Association



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