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Legal company Marios Gavrielides LLC

Marios Gavrielides legal Practice has more than 15 years of experience in providing professional legal services to its clients.

One of the important features of the company’s work is its personalized approach  and the capability of the company  to offer the best solutions at affordable prices.

The company provides protection to its clients in the following areas:

  • Marios Gavrielides LLCcriminal legislation;
  • urban development and property;
  • family legislation;
  • registration of companies.

By calling 25 583 070, you can have a consultation in English. The company has achieved great success and is the winner or many awards in its field , this is due  to its attentive and individual approach to each client, a quick reaction to problems and provision of high-quality services.

The Legal practice was launched by the company more than 15  years ago, and the firm has acquired a wide-scale clientele, established business connections and an excellent reputation during this time.

A full range of services of the company includes registration of Cyprus companies, asset management, provision of corporate services and fiduciary management services in Cyprus and abroad.

The principle of the company ”everything in one place” allows it to provide a comprehensive and efficient service to its clients, taking all their individual requests into account.

Advocates of the Marios Gavrillides’ legal firm are full of enthusiasm, they are highly motivated, care about their reputation and try to ensure  competitive advantages for their clients.

The highly professional specialists succeed in removing all hurdles encountered by their clients and enable them to achieve the most profitable results to their problems.

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