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Sollers Trust Ltd

Company introduction

Sollers Trust LtdSollers Trust Ltd offers high-quality, results-driven services in the sector of international tax planning and corporate consulting, as well as other services focused on international corporate clients and high-income individuals. The company offers all services on a turnkey basis, ranging from tax planning, corporate law consulting and assistance in project implementation, to associated services to ensure perfect project completion.

Sollers Trust Ltd offers its clients corporate services and office solutions through their own or their vpartners’ offices. The clients can be assured that the work is performed on time and to professional standards, in compliance with the necessary confidentiality requirements.

Sollers Trust Ltd offers a wide range of services, including:

Sollers Trust Ltd

  • international tax planning and corporate structuring services; development of asset protection and management structure, estate planning through trust and private funds, as well as other specialised corporate bodies;
  • incorporation, management and operations support for companies and other corporate bodies;
  • international corporate consulting and tax planning service outsourcing, support for foreign companies;
  • international corporate consulting services, including M&A transactions, shares sale and purchase agreements, and shareholders agreements; assistance in the delivery of advanced financial services by banking and other financial institutions, including the opening of bank accounts for high-income individuals;
  • opening of investment and commercial bank accounts in EU countries and beyond;
  • assistance in financing by the top banking institutions;
  • corporate and tax due diligence services;
  • accounting and audit services.

Sollers Trust Ltd

Sollers Trust Ltd Team

Sollers Trust Ltd’s staff is a team of professionals with many years’ experience. The company’s staff can give an all-out consideration to clients’ international business, and develop the best solutions based on the clients’ needs.


Most international tax planning jurisdictions consist of a combination of companies or other corporate instruments, such as partnerships, trusts or private funds in various jurisdictions.

Sollers Trust Ltd offers incorporation and full-range support services for the companies in the following jurisdictions: Cyprus, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seychelles, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Uruguay, USA, UAE.

The company’s projects

  • drafting of shareholder agreements for deal structuring purposes according to the English law; development of structures for efficient ownership and protection of assets of high-income individuals, development of estate planning structures;
  • incorporation of groups of companies for the administration of commercial activities involving non-residents;
  • support of commercial property acquisition and sale transactions in Europe;
  • tax policymaking for commercial groups of companies;
  • incorporation of groups of companies involving holding companies in European jurisdictions;
  • projects fund raising in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries through non-resident companies;
  • assistance in presence framework in China for commercial activities;
  • incorporation of international group of companies with the involvement of a Russian public company;
  • development of efficient financial and economic business models for the groups involving Russian companies.

Second citizenship investment programmes
Sollers Trust Ltd

Sollers Trust Ltd offers comprehensive follow-up support services for the admittance to the second citizenships of such countries as Cyprus, Great Britain, USA, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Canada and others, from consultations on country selection, to preparation and execution of all necessary documents — and the company guarantees absolute confidentiality for the clients.

Besides, Sollers Trust Ltd offers an unprecedented level of custom-tailored services and attention to detail. With the global network of partner offices, the company closely communicates with the consultants in each country which means the clients always have up-to-date information on the most recent legislative changes relating to the foreign investments. It is critical for the company’s management and the experts that the client ‘ticks the right boxes’.

Sollers Trust Ltd Property

Property is the most conservative and reliable investment. With the current unsustainable situation in the world, where no one can closely predict the political and the economic exposure, property investments may be the only sound solution.

Sollers Trust Ltd offers property sourcing and acquisition services abroad, in such countries as Cyprus, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and others.


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