The Cyprus-China Art, Culture & Education Center is the first Chinese Culture center in Cyprus and it is located in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus.

The First and Leading Chinese Language School in Cyprus since 2012!


The Center is a multi-purpose hall with a library and multi-media classrooms.

The range of services includes:

– cultural events

– training programs

– information services.

The center also provide to the general public and overseas Chinese, information about Cyprus and China history, culture, development and contemporary social life.

Chinese center has 200 students from different countries: Cyprus, China, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, France, Lebanon, US and etc.
Center  organizes during the Academic Year many events that students can take part to understand and feel the Chinese Culture.
The popularity and importance of Chinese Language will only grow in the future.
The School is located in Nicosia but it is a Limassol campus.

What center offers:

– Qualified and Experienced Teachers
– Chinese Language courses for all levels
– Chinese Language for Kids
– Chinese Language for Adults
– Business Chinese
– Preparation Course for Certificate Exams (HSK, YTC, BCT)
– Chinese language teachers’ training programs
– Summer school in August
– Education Consulting and Assistance Services
– Opportunities to study in China with Scholarship
The teachers are amazing and high professional!

You and your children can learn Chinese very fast and will get very high level of education!

This Center is the most experienced in Cyprus!

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