Golden Oak Private School

Golden Oak Private School is a new private English school that opened in Limassol, Ayios Athanasios (near Oncology Centre) in September 2022. It has a kindergarten, pre-school, and primary school. In September 2023 the school is moving to new, bigger facilities to accommodate the growing demand of student enrolments.


Type of School


Golden Oak is an inclusive English school with a very student-centred approach to learning. Its curriculum is a blended program that has as its academic basis the British National Curriculum (offering all of the relevant exams that other private schools offer), along with Montessori philosophies for personal and social development purposes. The students take part in many outdoor activities in the green garden area every week, as it is believed that being surrounded by nature and having lots of physical activity can aid the overall development of young children and create happy lifelong learners. The children are also taught independence and responsibility, and they are encouraged to be critical thinkers. The daily program is flexible enough to match the needs and moods of each class.


School Owner


Golden Oak is operated by Deanna Tsikkou who also owns the successful English Language school “Empire Education Centre.” Deanna Tsikkou is an experienced English teacher and teacher-trainer, qualified in both British and American academic systems, who has been in the field of education for many years. She is not only a native English speaker, but also a vastly experienced educator in the Private Education Sector. But more importantly, she is the mother of two very different children in terms of educational abilities and maturity, so she understands how to help children that are developing at a different pace than their peers. She is a firm believer in differentiated teaching methods and materials in an inclusive classroom setting, where high achievers and fast learners can also receive more challenging tasks to ensure they remain stimulated. Her aim is to make sure that children of all developmental levels are given the equal opportunity to have a quality education. She wants to create the kind of educational system and environment that will bring back joy to education, to make children feel happy and fulfilled while still learning everything they need to learn academically. For her, it is important for children of all abilities to get used to working in an environment where differences are celebrated, not rejected. She believes that it is time for a school that focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on the personal and social development of its children. This is the only way to raise truly empathetic future adults that may one day change the world. With her strong team of Kindergarten and Primary School teachers, she is revolutionising education in Cyprus.


Blended Program: Montessori & the British Curriculum


For the Early Years, our school delivers a blended curriculum that incorporates both Montessori Education and the UK Early Years Learning Framework. Our blended program takes only the best elements of both programs and they work together to enhance children’s learning and development during their crucial formative years. Montessori Education and the British Early Years Learning Framework work hand-in-hand to positively support children’s learning and development from birth to age six. Each curriculum provides children with a different approach to learning that ultimately supports not only their academic knowledge, but also their personal and social development. The Montessori Curriculum enhances the British Early Years Learning Framework by providing children with the optimal learning environment, materials, and guidance to discover their full potential. The Montessori Curriculum covers five key learning areas that focus on nurturing strong academic and wellbeing foundations. This type of learning provides children with hands-on learning experiences using educational materials that teach real-life skills and inspire a love of learning. We want our children to love learning to want to learn more and more. School motto: Let’s bring joy back into the classroom!


Specialist Subjects By External Professional

Robotics, Sports, Music, Theatre, Technology


Teaching methodologies


Teachers use multiple teaching styles during their lessons to appeal to the different learning styles of their students and the school uses differentiated learning so that each student can reach their full individual potential. The school focuses on practical learning and practical experiences for each scientific theme that is studied: for example, when learning about the animal kingdom, a veterinarian visited the students with a variety of animals; when learning about the human heart, a paediatrician visited the students to allow them to hear their heartbeats with a stethoscope (videos of this practical learning process can be viewed on the school’s social media pages of Facebook and Instagram).


Teaching Languages


English is the main teaching subject, though students have daily Greek lessons as well for conversational communication purposes. The school also offers an intensive English immersion program for children who still do not know how to speak English.


Daily Operating Schedule


Kindergarten & Pre-School: Monday to Friday from 07:30 a.m until 17:30 p.m
Primary School: Monday to Friday from 07:30 a.m until 16:00 p.m (possibility until 17.30 p.m)
*Hot meal served at 12:00 p.m (upon request)
*Nap time for younger children (upon request)


School Operating Months

Kindergarten & Pre-School: 11 months (September – July)
Primary School: 10 months (September – June)
July & August Summer School is subject to availability and enrolment numbers


Opening Stages of the School

The school has plans to keep expanding year by year to meet the growing demands for enrolment.
September 2022  Kindergarten & Pre-School (Pre-Reception & Reception)
September 2023  Grade 1 of Primary School
September 2024  Grades 2-6 of Primary School.
September 2028  Secondary School


Afternoon Programs

English Language:

In association with our partner English Language institute “Empire Education Centre” we offer English lessons after 2:00 p.m for children of all ages. This comes at an additional cost from our morning school. For adults, morning and evening lessons are available either on-site, off-site or online. Business English courses for companies are also offered both on-site and off-site. This is part of our Professional Development in the English Language program.

Afternoon Club:

We offer a group activity club daily from 2:00 p.m until 5:30 p.m for children aged between 3-8, where teachers provide recreational activities for the children during the afternoons. This is a fun afternoon program for the children which follows the “learn through play” philosophy. Older children that need assistance with their homework will have teachers on hand to help them as well.

Student Support

Speech Therapists and Special Educators have a cooperation with the school to help support students with special educational needs.


Tuition fees


kindergarten €400 (half day) or €550 (full day) monthly

preschool €550 monthly

primary school grades 1-3 €7000 annually

primary school grades 4-6 €7500 annually

Registration Procedure

Fill out the registration form accompanied by birth certificate, health certificate, photo of passport and payment of standard annual fees €450


Contact Info:

Telephone: +357 99309749
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook & Instagram



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