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2 Nov 2016
Anastasiades expressed his hope to reunify the island until the end of 2016

Анастасиадис и Акинчи

“The Cyprus problem must be resolved this year” – stated President Anastasiades. At the 12thSummit in Mont Pelerin, Nicos Anastasiades reminded that the main aim of the upcoming negotiations with the leader of Turkish-Cypriots will be the quickest possible reunification of the country, because Cyprus cannot afford to remain a separate state.

During his speech he added that “in order to achieve that, it is necessary to free the country from any military troops and to restore the previous borders – from Kyrenia to Limassol and from Apostolos-Andreas to Paphos“.

He also pointed out that the resolution of the Cyprus problem is indeed one of the most important reforms for the economic growth of the country in the next few years. Stable Cyprus will help to improve the relationship between Turkey and the EU.