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30 Aug 2016
Children from large families will be able to use public transport for free

Дети в автобусе

The Ministry of transport has announced that in the new academic year, the children from large families will be able to use the public buses for free.

In order to receive the relevant tickets, the parents of guardians must submit the copies of I.D. cards of all family members, as well as documents confirming the registration in the school for each child. For the first two kids it will be necessary to pay a one-off fee of 10 Euros for each child and the subsequent children will not have to pay anything.

For more info, call at the following numbers:

  • Nicosia: +375 22807150 or +375 22807023;
  • Limassol: +375 25870419, +375 25870458 or +375 25870439;
  • Paphos: +375 26821336;
  • Larnaca: +375 24828253;
  • Famagusta: +375 23815162 or +375 23815155.