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27 Oct 2016
The OHI Day in Greece and Cyprus

День «охи» на Кипре и в Греции

The OHI Day is celebrated in Greece and Cyprus on the 28th of October. It is a national celebration commemorating the declination of the ultimatum sent by Italy to Ioannis Metaxas in 1940, when the Greek said their firm “NO” – “όχι”.

Mussolini wanted to see Greece as an ally during the WWII and use its territory to place his troops. He also asked Greece to provide freedom in airspace on the route to USSR. Mussolini also advised Greece to remain neutral in the war.

After the Greeks decline his ultimatum, Italy began to attack. On the 15th of May 1941 Cyprus was attacked by Italian bombers. Nicosia received the first hit, followed by Neo Chorio and Paphos. In the end, all Cyprus cities felt the atrocities of the war.

The 28th of October is a public holiday in both Cyprus and Greece.