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2 Sep 2016
Top News of the Week

Cтроительство газопровода

Cyprus and Egypt agreed on the supply of gas.

The Cyprus gas will be exported to Egypt – the relevant agreement was signed this week. However, now the most difficult step is to build the actual pipeline, which can take up to 6 years to be constructed.

The Cyprus government stated that the deadline to launch the project is 2022, however both sides are interested to speed up the process. The government started to look for prospective purchase immediately after the Aphrodite gas field. This is when the negotiations with Egypt have started. This country is one of the largest energy consumers in the region. Moreover, the agreement signed with Cyprus will permit Egypt not only to use the gas for their needs, but also to resale it to other consumers.

Fire in Nicosia was extinguished with the help of ground forces and aviation

A large-scale fire started in the vicinity of Nicosia – the dry grass ignited and then the fire transferred onto nearby bushes and trees.

The fire services were directed for extinguishing – 5 fire engines and 2 planes were working on the spot. Until the fire was extinguished, it has destroyed around 1 of green areas.

This week, the fire service has published the statistical data about the fires this year. In 8 months, there were approximately 4,500 fires, which caused damage which exceeded 6 million Euros.

A Russian tourist drowned near Larnaca

The Cyprus police is investigating the circumstances which led to a death of a Russian tourist. The body of the 58 year old man was found in the sea near the Oroklini beach.

According to the preliminary investigation, there are no signs on the body, which would hint at any violence. Most likely he has aspirated watter and drowned.

It was established that he was spending his vacation in Cyprus and lived alone in the hotel. Now the police and the tour operator will have to find his relatives to inform the about the sad news.

MPs participating in the rally in Nicosia

The rally to protest the Turkish invasion to Syria took place this week in Nicosia. It began near the Ministry of Internal Affairs and then people marched to the EU office.

Three MPs from three political parties of Cyprus have also participated in the rally. After the event has finished, the a resolution was passed on to the representative of the EU and to the UN office, which urges to condemn Turkey and stop the killings of the Kurds.

Police chase in Limassol: an ambulance was stolen

Police had to chase the perpetrator, who stole the ambulance in Limassol. It did not take a long time to find him, but the most interesting fact were revealed after the arrest.

The perpetrator is the Latvian national, who was wanted for 6 years. back in 2010 he was charged with assault and theft, howeverall t his time he managed to escape from justice. Apparently, he went to the Limassol hospital because of the pain in his leg. However, after registering using false identity, he stole the ambulance and drove away.

He knocked down the beam, but he did not get very far because he crashed in the cars which were parked nearby. Now police is trying to find out why he decided to steal the ambulance.