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1 Apr 2017
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The New Russian church was built in Cyprus

One of the most significant events for the Russian speaking residents of Cyprus was the official opening of the new Orthodox church in Nicosia, which was built in accordance with all of the rules of the Russian Orthodox Church.

This is the first church of its kind not only in Cyprus, but in the whole of Mediterranean. The main feature of the Apostolos Andrei church are golden domes, which were delivered to Cyprus from St. Petersburg.

The opening ceremony attracted hundreds of people- both Russians and Cypriots. The President of Cyprus also attended the ceremony.

The church will be governed by the Cyprus Church, however services will be in Slavic ecclesiastical language and the preaching will be in Russian and Greek languages.

German Air forces may establish base in Cyprus instead of Turkey.

The German military base may be established in Cyprus. This matter is being discussed in Berlin as alternative to Turkish Injirlik. Moreover, according to some rumors, the representatives of German Ministry of Defence have already visited Akrotiri in Cyprus and other military areas in Kuwait and Jordan.

The German Luftwaffe started to have problems with Turkey last year, after the Bundestag acknowledged the Armenian genocide. Moreover, the Turkish Army now want to have access to all data collected by the German recon drones. Therefore, Berlins insterest to relocate to Cyprus may be quite serious.

The leaders of the two communities will return to the negotiations table.

UN keeps up the efforts to resume the negotiations between the leaders of the two communities of Cyprus. This weekend, Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci are invited to the lunch, which was organised by Espen Barth Eide (the Special representative of the UN on the island).

Whether it will be beneficial for the negotiations to perform such a step is yet to be discovered. However last week, the Cyprus government is still hoping to resume the negotiations- such a conclusion follows from the amendments concerning the law about Enosis.

It is yet unclear what are Turkish authorities are thinking about it, but they have expressed their willingness to continue the negotiations.

Cyprus government aims to significantly reduce the volume of harmful emissions.

The Minister of Agriculture said that the total volume of Greenhouse gases produced by Cyprus must be reduced by 25% by 2030 in comparison with the data of 2005.

In order to reach these goals, the governments bets on the renewable energy sources and mass promotion of electric cards on the island.

Moreover, the ecologically friendly measures will help to reduce the consumption of the expensive oil, thus helping Cyprus to feel economically more stable.

Budget holidays: Why Paphos is the cheapest destination in Europe?

Paphos is one of the cheapest destinations for travellers in Europe as per the rating, which was made by the British Post Office company.

The research covered several factors such as: double room rates for 2-night stay in 3* hotel and price of the public transport (including from airport to the centre of the city), price for excursions and meals.

Overall, the travelers will spend for such a trip around 160 Eur, which makes it the most affordable weekend getaway destination in Europe.

Among the top three are also two Baltic cities- Vilnius and Riga.

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