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27 Feb 2016
Top news of the week

Акция протеста медсестер

Nurses went on strike yet again!

In Cyprus, this week has started with a significant strike. For two days, many patients in various hospitals (including Limassol and Paphos) were unable to get medical attention due to strike of the nurses. The gathering took place in front of the Ministry of Health and assembled together tens of medical employees who were expressing their views with the use of slogans and posters. However, the Minister of Health condemned the gathering and stated that the organizers are blackmailing the government. Apparently, the nurses demand not only the increase of their salary, but also to increase the number of available vacancies, because they are unable to cope with the work due to heavy load. Organizers have claimed that they will be taking actions until their demands are satisfied, so therefore, new strikes are possible.

Happy reunification in Cyprus! Parents found her daughter after two years

The story of miraculous reunification in Cyprus. A family of Syrian refugees has found their little daughter after two years, during which they though that she was dead. She went missing during one of the bombings – the family’s house was blown up. Parents were unable to find their girl among the survivors, so they considered her dead. Left without a place to live, they fled from Syria to Cyprus. However, they found out later that their daughter has survived – her relatives found her and took to their village. Only after two years, they managed to find a way to communicate. However, it turned out to be that it is very difficult to take 7-year-old girl out of a war torn country. The employees of the international migration organization has conducted a special mission to get her out. Now the girl is already in Cyprus and lives happily with her parents.

Negotiations in Sofia! President Anastasiades has visited Bulgaria

The need to resolve the migrant crisis was the main topic on the negotiations between the President of Cyprus and President of Bulgaria, held in Sofia where Mr. Anastasiades arrived with official visit. Apart from the situation in the Middle East, the leaders have also discussed the development of mutually beneficial connections such importation of energy sources from Cyprus to Bulgaria. After the discovery of the “Aphrodite” field, the country is actively searching for potential markets.

Surprise is inside! Recall of chocolates in Cyprus produced by the Mars Corporation

Cyprus’s public health authority will check the products supplied by Mars to the island. As it is known, a piece of plastic was found in one of the chocolate bars sold in Europe, so now the company recalls its production in 55 countries. The recalled products are Snickers, Milky Way, Mars and Celebrations. It is already established that a piece of plastic went into the bar on the factory in Netherlands from where the products are exported across the globe, including Cyprus. Hundreds of chocolates were already taken out from the shelves in the local stores.

Serve less! The compulsory conscription period is reduced

Great news for the Cypriot conscripts! The length of compulsory service will be reduced. According to the local press, the relevant initiative is coming from the parliament and it was supported by the President. Currently, the conscripts have to serve for 24 months. For those who started their service last summer, the duration is reduced down to 18 months. Those who will go in the army in the next conscription period will serve only for 14 months. The reduction is made in connection with the aim to eventually make the army of Cyprus to be purely contract-based.

Alter Ego – Cyprus band Minus One has presented their song for Eurovision

Cyprus will try to conquer Europe with the help of Alter Ego – this is the name of the song made by the Minus One band to represent our island in Eurovision. The song premiered at the beginning of the week. Energetic rock-style composition with uplifting rhythms (which is not that common for that contest), which adds chances to its success – as per the reviews in the internet. By the way, Thomas G:son has participated in the creation of this song, who also wrote the winning song “Euphoria” for Loreen back in 2012. This year, Eurovision will be in Stockholm. The first semi-final will be on 10th of May where Minus One will present their song.