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Athos Diamonds: jewellery store in Paphos

The Athos Diamonds jewellery store began its operations in 1990, specialising in the sale of diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewellery.

Athos Diamonds offers a complete collection of jewellery from well-known international brands and in-house made.

All Athos Diamonds’ jewellery is 18-carat gold and platinum, and reputable international gemological laboratories certify all the diamonds sold in the store.

Wedding rings in Cyprus

Athos Diamonds jewellery store offers a complete collection of engagement rings with precious stones, wedding rings and wedding rings with diamonds.

Athos Diamonds offers wedding rings made of gold and platinum. On request, wedding rings can be exclusively designed, and a selection of finished products from the extensive collection of the store is available.


Athos DiamondsAthos DiamondsAthos Diamonds

The advantages of buying jewellery at the Athos Diamonds store:

  • Athos DiamondsAthos Diamonds offers one of the largest collections of diamonds in Cyprus.
  • There is a possibility of a Tax-Free purchase.
  • Athos Diamonds make sure all their diamonds are certified in accordance with the highest standards of GIA labs, HRD, IGI and Athos Diamonds.
  • They have their own laboratory for manufacturing specialised and unique jewellery.
  • Certified appraiser of diamonds.
  • Athos Diamonds’ gemological laboratory will use the “4 C system to check the weight, clarity, cut and colour. All diamonds in the store have quality faceting for maximum play of light.
  • Athos Diamonds has been a member of the International Diamond Exchange (number 1392) since 1998 and is most likely the only one in Cyprus. The Exchange has approximately 3,500 members worldwide.
  • The International Diamond Exchange Membership means that certificates can be obtained for rough and polished diamonds and those registering for authentication, together with the ability to offer accurate advice to clients regarding investments in diamonds.
  • The best value for money. Athos Diamonds is a wholesale company that allows the store to offer the best prices to its customers.
  • The possibility of replacing the diamond.
  • The chance to have an exclusively designed piece of jewellery.
  • Quick service.
  • The shop provides professional services in a friendly and pleasant environment.

Jewellery collections in Cyprus:

  • Pasquale Bruni - Athos DiamondsRoberto Coin.
  • Pasquale Bruni.
  • Jewellery with Diamonds:
    • Engagement rings;
    • Wedding rings;
    • Wedding rings with diamonds or precious stones.
  • Gold jewellery.
  • Gems.
  • Clocks:
    • Omega;
    • Longines;
    • Tissot;
    • Rotary.

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