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Yoga Europe School

The Yoga Europe school is the first school of yoga in Cyprus, a subsidiary of the World Yoga Alliance (India), providing certification and registration.

The Yoga Europe School is recognised by both the Government of Cyprus and the European Union.

Yoga Europe studio. Courses for yoga teachers in Cyprus:

  • WYA European DivisionYoga classes;
  • Yoga teacher training courses 200/300/500 hours;
  • Yoga for children;
  • Air Yoga;
  • Yoga therapy;
  • “Hot yoga” (or Bikram Yoga);
  • Yoga Anatomy;
  • Yoga for pregnant women;
  • Learning Thai massage;
  • Master classes;
  • Yoga retreat.

Yoga Teacher Training in Cyprus

The course is “200 hours of yoga” for teachers in Cyprus

The course is “200 hours of yoga” for teachers in Cyprus and is designed to enhance the personal experience, knowledge and skills necessary for the organisation of intellectual and inspirational sessions for students.

The course is perfect for students and young teachers. Passing the course offers an opportunity to start a successful career as a yoga teacher.

Those graduating can register with World Yoga Alliance at level RYT-200.

The course “300/500 hours of yoga” for teachers in Cyprus

The course provides the opportunity to receive training for the construction of a free training technique for themselves and students and become a professional yoga master.

To enrol in a course, you are required to have a level of training with the World Alliance RYT-200 Yoga or other organisation.

Graduates of the 300-hour course will receive a registration level RYT-300 World Yoga Alliance.

Graduates of the 500-hour course will be given a registration level RYT-500 World Yoga Alliance.

Air Yoga Teacher Training in Cyprus

Yoga Europe School CyprusAerial Yoga is a combination of the traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas, fitness and airflow dynamics. The practice of aerial yoga is a kind of game that challenges and invigorates. Air Yoga opens new dimensions using the weight of your body.

The course describes how to perform the exercises and variations of yoga asanas, swimming, flying and upside-down posture, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility using a hammock as a tool for weight maintenance.

The Air Yoga Alliance World Yoga Europe in Nicosia organises a Teacher Training Course which lasts for two weekends and includes written and practical examinations at the end of the programme.

The application for Teacher Training of Air Yoga Alliance continues to educate and accredit worldwide.

The course of training yoga teachers for children in Cyprus

The course is designed for teachers planning to specialise in teaching yoga to children or those who want to use the benefits of yoga in their classrooms.

The course is also ideal for parents who want to find new ways of integration and communication with their children and family, maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun.

The course is also recommended for those who want to develop and improve in the same profession or obtain a new speciality.

It’s not necessary for you to be a yoga teacher to pass the course.

The duration of the training is four days.

Yoga Europe School CyprusYoga therapy training course

This uses yoga postures, exercises for breathing, guided imagery, together with meditation to improve both physical and mental health. The holistic focus of yoga therapy promotes the integration of spirit, body and mind.

Yoga therapy covers a broad range of treatments, including the elements of physical and psychotherapy.

Teaching yoga-anatomy in Cyprus

The course is intended only for registered and certified teachers, masters and yoga therapists.

Attention! The teaching of yoga anatomy is a prerequisite for the yoga therapy (3rd module) course, except for doctors, psychologists and nurses.

Training of teachers of yoga for pregnant women in Cyprus

This 7-day course is specifically designed for the training of women before and after childbirth. The main point of the course is security-related, and exercise with maximum care to help improve pregnancy and recovery from childbirth.

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