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ATOM Exterminators LTD: Pest Control in Cyprus

It’s no secret that the warm Cypriot climate is not only favourable to people but also to many small insects and pests. The chirping cicadas, which are a symbol of Cyprus, don’t cause any damage, but the rats, snakes and cockroaches require immediate expulsion from the home.

If you suffer from parasites and pests at home or in the garden, then ATOM Exterminators in Cyprus will save you from these intruders!

About the ATOM Exterminators company

ATOM Exterminators LtdThe company complies with the European Health & Safety legislation, the European Council’s Food Safety Regulation and the 2011’s Regulations of Biocides used professionally.

ATOM Exterminators is a member of the following Associations: Cyprus Pest Controllers, The U.K.’s British Pest Control, Derby, The U.S.’s National Pest Management, and Brussel’s Confederation of European Pest Control.

Professional staff

ATOM Exterminators LtdThe company’s General Manager is a member of the UK’s Royal Society of Health, who awarded him, and the company’s technicians, with diplomas in Pest Control.

ATOM Exterminator’s Auditor is an MS Agriculturist – Food Technologist.

Disinsector services in Cyprus

The need to prevent and eliminate pests such as rodents and bugs is normal for the citizens of Cyprus.

The company provides control for all vermin, including rodents, cockroaches, termites, flies and ants.


The company provides the following services:

Fly Traps

ExterminatorThe company has a large variety of safe, eco-friendly electric fly traps for companies or home.


Atom Exterminators offers Cryonite, a new, chemical-free method of pest control which converts CO2 into dry ice, which is safe to use in any situation.

General Pest Control

Atom Exterminators offers both regular contracted preventative pest control services, as well as one-off extermination services for all clients.

The company has several teams of technicians operating in every town, some specialise in homes and small businesses, while others focus on the shipping, aviation, tourism, healthcare, timber, farm and industrial areas.


A heat treatment method for chemical free extermination

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are everywhere, but Atom Exterminators can considerably limit pigeon roosting with the use of special bird spikes fixed to all possible resting places. Your property will be protected and the birds unharmed.

Termite Control

Atom pest controlThe company has many years of pest control experience and is the only one in Cyprus specialising in the elimination of termites and beetles. It offers a variety of prevention methods, for example, the termiticide treatment can help save your whole property.

Ecowood Shortwave

Ecowood Shortwave systems use non-invasive shortwave technology to eradicate wood contagions in a simple, eco-friendly and efficient way.

Phosphide Waste Removal

Special Services for Cargo Vessels treated with Aluminium Phosphide: Gas-Free Certification & Alum.Phosphide Removal Services.

As per Port authorities’ requirements, to ensure safe levels of gas the air quality must be checked before unloading cargo holds containing feed/grains treated with Aluminium Phosphine.

Atom Exterminators can provide a free gas test and removal of Aluminium Phosphide solids (when treated in FumiSleeves). ATOM is the only company licensed by the Environmental Department of the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture for the removal/disposal of Aluminium Phosphide.

So, don’t put up with pests, just contact ATOM Exterminators, whose technicians are available any time, day or night throughout the island.

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