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We hope to address any questions you may have in this article regarding the different categories of nightclubs, how to have fun in Cyprus, prices of drinks and the variety of entertainment venues on the island.

Located in the southern latitudes, Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean way of life. Due to the high daytime temperatures, all evening entertainment on the island starts quite late compared with Russian and European standards.

The typical dinner time is 9 pm, and nightlife, although open around 7 pm sees visitors begin to arrive after 11:00.

Night Disco

The category “Night disco Cyprus” includes a variety of bars and nightclubs. The difference between the bars and clubs is the number, time and size of establishments.

Where can you dance in Cyprus:

  • bars;
  • night clubs;
  • beach parties.


Bars in Cyprus have many great opportunities, and most of them turn into discos around midnight. The most famous discos of the island are in the centre of the resort city of Ayia Napa.

Every day from 9 am – 10 pm during the summer Ayia Napa’s centre is transformed into one continuous disco. Dozens of bars offer visitors a variety of drinks and dance floors with a broad range of musical genres. Rock, retro, mainstream and electronic, music to suit everyone’s taste.

In Limassol, the variety of bars and discos can be found mostly around the Saripolou area in the city centre. There are dozens of bars with a variety of music programmes where the majority of nightlife fans flock. Moving from bar to bar means you can dance to RnB, hip-hop, funk, house and even famous Greek hits all in one evening.

The average price of alcoholic drinks in bars in Cyprus ranges from 5 to 10 euros for a cocktail.

The Island’s Night bars are open until roughly 1:30 and then the majority of visitors move into the nightclubs.

There are also nightclubs and discos in Cyprus working from 1 am until 4-5 o’clock in the morning. The majority of visitors come to the clubs around 1:30 and stay until 03:00.

There are only around 4-7 nightclubs per town, unlike the bars.

Karaoke clubs in Cyprus

Corona Karaoke Club

Karaoke clubs in Cyprus are open to any age group (18+) and are located in all the cities. The repertoire of most of the karaoke clubs is designed for the international contingent, but you can find clubs specialising in national collections.

Karaoke-interest clubs in Cyprus:

  • Russian;
  • English;
  • Greek.

Karaoke clubs open around 8-9 pm, 3-4 nights a week. They provide an extensive menu of cocktails and soft drinks, snacks, dance floors and a gathering of like-minded people.

The average cost of alcoholic drinks varies from 7 to 13 euros per glass.

Private clubs

BreezeIn Cyprus, there are no closed nightclubs, however, most carry out security checks.

Age limits are set in some of the nightclubs. For example, in Limassol, several clubs are open to visitors 21 and over, and sometimes security will ask for ID.

Entrance to the nightclubs of Cyprus is usually free. Exceptions being parties with the participation of famous singers, bands or DJs. The average cost of an alcoholic cocktail is about 10 euros.

Elite clubs


This category is extremely difficult to define in Ayia Napa.

Nightclubs of the island are distinguished by their character. Luxury is a relative term — there can be both students and the very wealthy in the same nightclub.

The room is divided into different clubs and VIP dance zones. The main difference is in the cost of beverages in the VIP area; tables already include a certain amount of beverage value. That is, you have to pay for at least a bottle of the club’s premium alcohol. Even if the table is designed for 6-8 guests, the number is not limited.

In an “elite” establishment there are more stringent requirements on dress code and security. The difference is also evident in the quality of drinks. In the elite clubs in Cyprus you can find a wide selection of the most expensive and exclusive alcoholic beverages.

Interest clubs

Beach bar

Interest clubs in Cyprus are designed for users with different musical tastes. Traditional theme parties are dedicated to, for example, Greek music and RnB, trance, house, retro and disco.

Most of the Cypriot nightlife caters to the average musical taste and the DJ’s sets contain the main popular music styles. Modern commercial music is the main feature of almost all the nightclubs on the island.

Yet there are several places that cater to certain musical preferences. There are places in Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca which play only rock, retro, and Greek or electronic music, and to cater to everyone, some nightclubs in Ayia Napa have several rooms that represent different musical styles.

There aren’t any pronounced gay clubs in Cyprus although, of course, you can find places – usually bars, favoured by sexual minorities.

In the summer season, Cyprus hosts many open-air musical concerts including on the beaches, where you can party with international and Russian stars at reasonable prices.

Themed parties and parties with stars are announced in advance. Their price and venues can be found on posters around Cyprus.

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