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Beauty salon Nicolas Hermes Macris Hair & Makeup

Studio Nicolas Hermes Macris Hair & Make-up in Cyprus offers a first class service for hair and make-up.

Highly trained specialists use their expertise to give you the perfect image, whether it’s for a holiday, a wedding, or every day look.

Services of the beauty salon on Cyprus:

  • Nicolas Hermes Macris Hair & Makeuphair lightening and dying;
  • маke-up;
  • make-up courses for any age (no more than 4 people in a group). Key make-up methods are demonstrated in the first lesson, and later you will learn how to choose make-up to suit the both the shape of your face and your eyes. You will learn methods such as smoky eyes, evening make-up, corporate make-up and many others;
  • hair dressing;
  • style creation;
  • straight and structured haircuts;
  • creation of haircuts taking into account gender, age and daily demands;
  • keratin complex for hair;
  • plant collagen for hair;
  • wedding package: a wedding hairdo, make-up and hair styling, which can be done by a representative of the salon not only on Cyprus, but in anywhere worldwide.

The price will naturally depend on what work is done.

All cosmetics offered by Nicolas Hermes Macris Hair & Make-up are imported from the United States and is free from harmful substances.

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