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Choco Là – confectionary in Cyprus

Choco Là is the first confectionary in Cyprus with open-kitchen concept – i.e. you have the opportunity to watch the Chef creating the sweet masterpieces.

Chocolate in the shape of I-Pad, Havana cigar, lipstick or even in the shape of various animals, as well as handmade minions from chocolate and sugarpaste, sweet macaroons and delicious 3D-cakes – these are only few items on the list of original creations available at Choco Là confectionary.

The Choco Là team uses the latest trends in the chocolate art and offers innovative ideas that will surprise you and your friends.

Choco Là decorated plateChocolate workshop services in Cyprus

At Choco Là you can purchase ready-made chocolate products or make an order to make any logo, design or picture on a chocolate pralines. These sweets will be a wonderful gift for any occasion – Santa Clauses for Christmas, Easter bunnies or the carnival masks and skulls for Halloween for the daring.

Flavor palette of Choco Là confectionery

To satisfy any chocolate connaisseur, the Choco Là Chef produces more than 50 different kinds of 100% Belgian chocolate throughout the year: dark, milk, white chocolate and sugar-free chocolate, especially for diabetics.

After a glance at all of the available options, this chocolate workshop will undoubtedly become your new sweet habit.

Choco Là wedding cake ring on the topCollections of 3D-cakes

The beautiful 3D-cakes are also made at the Choco Là confectionery. The catalogue of already existing cakes will serve you as the great source of inspiration, whilst personal appointment with the Cake Designer will give you а total peace of mind that you are entrusting the true professionals to make sure the most important days of your life will be accompanied by the true masterpieces.

Choco Là – a place where chocolate becomes art!

Christmas sweets

Amongst the many confectionery products on display at Choco Là were a variety of Christmas themed sweets: Marzipan Snowmen, cakes with Christmas themes and chocolate puzzles. These and many other sweet surprises await you in Choco Là .

Whether ready- made or made-to-order, these sweets will be a wonderful gift for Christmas and the New Year, or use them to decorate your festive table or Christmas tree!


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