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As the world is becoming more within our reach, the possibilities to move, live and work in Cyprus and abroad are growing.

Columbia Movers knows that every move is different, so they are continually investing in their personnel’s abilities and skills to provide a very flexible moving and storage service, tailored specifically to each individual customer.

Founded in 1994, Columbia has become the leading provider of moving & storage services for corporate and residential customers in Cyprus. For over 20 years as a family owned company,they have placed the greatest importance on quality, reliability, safety and customer service. This wealth of experience and knowledge, combined with the constant desire to improve, is the company’s recipe for success.

All their operations take place on company-owned property consisting of over 20,000 m², with their own fleet of vehicles and moving equipment to match every customer’s needs. They are proud to say that they operate the only Self Storage facility in Cyprus based on UK and USA standards, providing high quality personalized storage solutions to their customers.

Columbia World — Wide MoversMission statement

Columbia’s mission is to provide customers with a Relocation & Storage experience exceeding their expectations, and improving the quality of their lives by building sincere relationships, providing benefit services, and being committed to the principles of quality services.

Vision statement

To become the most trusted company in the Moving & Storage industry, providing unparalleled service and quality.

Columbia World — Wide MoversThey Value

  • In their service: responsiveness, consistency, and professionalism to the needs of their customers.
  • In the way the company approaches their work: excellence, productivity and effectiveness in all they do.
  • In their work environment: team involvement in developing proactive, innovative, and unique solutions for customers.
  • In their research: providing customers with solutions that are innovative, up to date, cost effective and which completely meet their needs.
  • In their individual beliefs: honesty, integrity, consistency and trust.

Quality standards & accreditations

Following strict financial and quality standards, and undergoing a rigorous on-site assessment, Columbia was accredited with FIDI-FAIM certification in 2005.

  • FIDI: members must achieve at least 70% in each quality parameter or competence area, and this is re-assessed every two years. There are 16 quality parameters, some of which include facilities and equipment, staff knowledge, legal compliance, financial stability, documentation and insurance, and risk management. One of the world’s leading management consultants, Ernst and Young, independently audits FAIM.
  • At the last on-site visit completed in 2014, they were proud to say that they managed to achieve 100% compliance to all FAIM quality and financial criteria.
  • FAIM: certification provides peace of mind for customers as it covers every aspect of the International Moving process. Their FAIM qualification demonstrates their serious commitment to providing a high quality service
  • BAR: British Association of Removers.
  • IAM: International Association of Movers based in the U.S.A
  • EURA: European Relocation association.


Columbia World — Wide MoversColumbia World — Wide MoversColumbia World — Wide Movers

Being part of these associations is a guarantee to customers of a first class moving experience.

International recognition

Since 2001, the UK Ministry of Defence has trusted Columbia Movers with the removal of household goods and vehicles of UK soldiers based in Cyprus, nationally and internationally.

This contract has as a prerequisite to the staff to be highly trustworthy, police cleared, professional, qualified and under continuous training and improvement.

Global partners trust the company for the provision of relocation and storage services for their customers worldwide. They are proud to say that they have provided moving and relocation services to some of the leading global companies.

Why Columbia Movers?

  1. Columbia World — Wide MoversWhen you use the Company, you are guaranteed to work with people who have the knowledge, competence, experience, facilities, equipment and policies to provide the highest quality service to your satisfaction.
  2. Completing approximately 5000 moves per year for the last 15 years is what makes the company an expert in the relocation industry, which enables them to plan and complete successfully any relocation and storage needed.
  3. The company is proud to say that Columbia is the only one-stop relocation and storage services company in Cyprus. They provide a complete range of high quality moving, relocation and storage solutions covering their customers’ needs.
  4. They have the only Self Storage facility on the island built according UK and USA security & safety standards. The company invested in a complete range of fleet and moving equipment, and they have their own designed packing materials tested and developed based on the company’s experience over the last 20 years.
  5. Their customer’s satisfaction rate hit an extraordinary 100%. Customer service is the biggest company’s advantage and their priority is to improve the quality of life for their customers. This is accomplished with hard work over the years, being loyal and honest to customers, and the continuous investment in people knowhow and facilities.

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