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PM Lawn and Garden Ltd

Since 2008 the garden centre, PM Lawn and Garden Ltd, has specialized in the design and construction of private and commercial gardens, and the installation of artificial turf in Cyprus.

PM Lawn and Garden Ltd guarantees the quality and efficiency of all their work, and creates beautiful, low maintenance, landscaping.

PM Lawn and Garden LtdServices of PM Lawn and Garden Ltd

  • Design and landscaping;
  • Construction and repair;
  • Laying artificial turf, including all preparatory work;
  • Sports coverage for football, tennis, golf and many others;
  • Equipping children’s playgrounds, including safety matting and design sites;
  • Overall management of the project from start to finish (commercial or private);
  • Arrangement of gardens on roofs and balconies;
  • Carpentry and handmade garden furniture;
  • Artificial lawns, play houses and barns;
  • Maintenance;
  • Wholesale (on request).

Artificial lawns in Cyprus

Due to the water shortage in Cyprus, and the need for constant watering lawns in high temperatures, artificial lawns are an effective and economical alternative.

The advantages of artificial turf

  • PM Lawn and Garden Ltdannual savings;
  • low operating costs;
  • economy (saving water and maintenance costs – lawn cutting and fertilizers);
  • favourable for children and animals
  • lack of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals;
  • doesn’t fade in the sun;
  • It meets the highest safety standards;
  • long service life;
  • can be installed on a variety of surfaces.

Improvement of children’s playgrounds in Cyprus

PM Lawn and Garden Ltd offer design and installation of a special coating for children’s playgrounds.

Special coating for children’s playgrounds, Playsafe, allows children to explore the world, to climb, to ride on the swings, and at the same time feel safe. Playsafe Coverage provides up to 5 levels of critical fall height, ensuring the necessary level of safety for all types of gaming systems.


  • PM Lawn and Garden Ltdcomplies with BS EN 1177 2008 gaming equipment;
  • It has 14 bright colours;
  • It has a nice soft texture;
  • the possibility of using various reliefs;
  • rapid drying after rain;
  • UV resistance, heat resistance;
  • non-slip surface;
  • resistance to all weather conditions;
  • suitable for all ages;
  • low maintenance costs.

Coatings for sports grounds in Cyprus

PM Lawn and Garden Ltd offer a wide range of high quality synthetic coverings for sports grounds. The range of products meets the standard cover for sports grounds EN 15330.

All products are resistant to UV light, fast drying, suitable for year-round use, have a high wear resistance, low maintenance, and better alternative coatings for sports fields and surfaces.

The range of coatings for sport

  • PM Lawn and Garden LtdMulti-coating for sports grounds designed for various sports such as football, tennis, basketball, netball, volleyball and others. The appropriate colour markings are provided for each sport.
  • Tennis: Tennis quality coating ensures a safe and comfortable game.
  • Football: 3G artificial sports surfaces play with different pile heights.
  • Hockey: high-quality coatings that provide a comfortable game for both amateurs and professionals for hockey on grass.
  • Cricket: Various types of coatings can be used for training or professional games.
  • Bowles: For more than 20 years the products offered by PM Lawn and Garden Ltd are used for internal and external surfaces of 70% of sites around the world.
  • Golf: The coating can be used on any golf course.

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