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Doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu

Doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu

The qualified and experienced Christiana Kumudiu, a doctor-pulmonologist in Cyprus and member of  The Lung Association of Cyprus, Greece and Europe, will help you get rid of annoying allergic rhinitis, chronic cough, bronchitis, sleep disorders.

Dr. Christiana Kumudiu's diploma

Some information about Dr. Christiana Kumudiu


  • Leningrad Medical University: Specialty – Pulmonary (1992).
  • Additional education – “Resuscitation. Intensive therapy” (2004, Athens).
  • Medical experience – since 1998. The doctor has experience in private and public hospitals in Greece and Cyprus.

Who should see the doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu in Cyprus

Dr. Christiana Kumudiu

Symptoms of the respiratory system diseases could be various, but among them the most common are:

  • a cough;
  • a Chronic dyspnea (due to diseases of the heart and lungs);
  • a shortness of breath, choking;
  • sleep disorders.

Snoring may be a forerunner of respiratory diseases. It is often said that sleep apnea problems can lead to hypertension, heart attacks or to a stroke.

At “Dr. Kumudiu’s consulting room” the doctor plans to purchase special equipment for a sleep research. After using this machine, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medication or treatment, so you will forget about the risks associated with sleep apnea forever.

Services of doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu in Cyprus

doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu

The doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiu offers the following medical services in Cyprus:

  • Consultation;
  • examination:
    • spirometry,
    • oximetry,
    • clinical research;
  • diagnosis;
  • treatment assignment;
  • the patient’s monitoring.


It is very important that such analysis as oximetry (the definition of the percentage of oxygen in the blood) and spirometry (studying of respiratory function) are carried out directly in the consulting room, due to the presence of the necessary equipment.

Diagnosis of the respiratory system diseases in Cyprus

In addition, the qualified doctor–pulmonologist Cristiana Kumudiu will help you identify, cure and prevent many broncho-pulmonary system diseases such as:

  • bronchitis,
  • asthma,
  • pneumonia,
  • pleurisy,
  • emphysema,
  • tuberculosis,
  • allergic reactions (a typical characteristic of allergic rhinitis in Cyprus).

Dr. Ch. Kumudiu also collaborates with clinics in Limassol and Cyprus: if necessary, the doctor writes a referral for an X-ray or CT scan of the lungs for further examination.

Price for examination of the respiratory tract in Cyprus:

  • doctor-pulmonologist Christiana Kumudiuconsulting by a pulmonologist – 50 euros,
  • Spirometry – 25 euros,
  • spirometry before and after bronchodialation – 70 euros,
  • Mantoux test – 25 euros,
  • flexible bronchoscopy – 450 euros,
  • endobronchial biopsies – 100 euros,
  • diagnostic pleural puncture (thoracentesis) – 135 euros,
  • therapeutic thoracentesis – 225 euros,  (with pleural catheter – 255 euros).

For regular patients, a flexible system of discounts is available. After all, doctor Ch. Kumudiu’s motto is «To help people is above all!»:

  • Reconsultation – 40 euros,
  • Spirometry (2nd, etc) – 20 euros.


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