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Dr. Petros Koureas: home-visiting doctor in Cyprus

Specialization of the home visiting doctor

Dr. Petros Koureas

Dr. Petros Koureas is a specialist with 35 years experience, gaining his qualification as a therapist from the Moscow Medical University in 1979, and his degree in general medicine later on in Cyprus.

Dr. Petros Koureas’ experience

The doctor worked as vice-head of the State Hospital in Limassol, and for 10 years was the Head of the Emergency Department.

Petros Koureas continues to attend conferences and seminars, and organized the Medical congresses for doctors from Greece, Russia and England.

Petros Koureas is fluent in both Greek and Russian.

Home visiting doctor services in Cyprus

If, for some reason you are unwell but unable to visit the clinic, you can phone a doctor to visit you at home.

Calling the home visiting doctor you not only get quality medical care, but also have a detailed consultation on all matters relating to the treatment and prevention of the illness, support to the hospital if necessary, help with registration, and referral for further diagnostic testing or analysis.


The doctor will help you in any emergency cases – from exacerbation of chronic diseases, sudden loss of consciousness, respiratory, circulatory or organ problems, to a sudden pain, injury, burn or bleeding.

Dr. Koureas, can also provide first aid and take the patient to the hospital for further treatment, if necessary, and help with registration.

Medical examinations and consultations

In addition to emergency aid, doctor Koureas also conducts examinations and consultations on all medical matters and makes consultations at home or a hotel.

Petros Koureas maintains close contacts with all the ministries, and can help you and consult with any immigration matters (registration, insurance, etc.).

Contact phone numbers

Call the doctor to visit you at home on following numbers:

97-77 78 88 / 25-38 53 85


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