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G.S Ecophysis Ltd: Ecotourism in Cyprus

G.S Ecophysis Ltd is an innovative family business, offering experimental and educational tours for small groups of people, who are interested in nature, eco-lifestyle and traditionally produced Cypriot products.

G.S Ecophysis is located in Vavla village in Larnaca region, within a short driving distance from Lefkara and Kato Drys.

Eco-tours in Cyprus

Bee tour “Become a beekeeper for a day”:

  • Eco tour bee tour in CyprusVisiting of apiaries and inspecting the hives while wearing a special protective suit for beekeepers;
  • Learning about seasonal outdoor beekeeping tasks and activities;
  • Lecture about life of honey bees, uses of hive products for health and beauty;
  • Visiting a honey extraction and honey bottling laboratory, as well as tasting different types of fresh honey;
  • Tasting of local freshly made produce, such as “VAVLA” raw blossom bee honey with anari cheese made from goat and sheep milk spiced up with cinnamon.

Tour is guided by an experienced beekeeper at the hives and honey laboratory

Eco Tour “Get to know nature”:

  • Choosing one of many available 0,5 – 10 km long nature trails;
  • Bird watching activities in the mountainous area of Larnaca;
  • Seeing local endangered and protected plants;
  • Collecting wild herbs, plants and edible mushrooms;
  • Lecture about healing properties and effects of local wild herbs.

Tour is guided by an experienced biologist with vast knowledge of fauna and flora of the region.


G.S Ecophysis G.S Ecophysis G.S Ecophysis

Tasting programme “Gastronomy”:

  • Tasting of various types of freshly produced “VALVA” honey, royal jelly and pollen;
  • Tasting of traditional sweet pastry made with honey;
  • Tasting of seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • Lecture about healing properties and effects of local wild herbs;
  • Outdoor picnic with the local produce, including honey with anari cheese made from goat and sheep milk, traditional halloumi cheese with fresh tomatoes, village bread with olive oil and locally grown herbs, black and green olives, fresh seasonal fruits, herbal tea, Cyprus coffee and lemonade.


G.S Ecophysis - honey  G.S Ecophysis - olives

Beeswax aroma candles making workshop:

  • Designing and making a candle, using beeswax and other natural ingredients;
  • Choosing from a wide range of essential oils and aromatic herbs;
  • Lecture about uses and healing properties of beeswax.

All tours are offered with the short 2-hour of full 4-hour programme.

Tours are being organised weekly from Tuesday to Sunday

Beeswax candle workshopG.S Ecophysis Ltd offers special group programmes:

  • for 3-9 year old children;
  • families;
  • guests looking for outdoor adventures in the nature;
  • guests looking for relaxing activities in the nature.

Book a tour:

  • on the website;
  • by phone: 96 373013 и 99 171405;
  • reservation has to be made 2 days in advance;
  • price depends on type of the excursion, number of people and group preferences.

Beeswax candle workshopOrganic and eco-products in Cyprus

In G.S Ecophysis Ltd premises guests can buy locally made products, including VALVA honey, pollen, royal jelly, facial masks made from honey, wax candles and many more authentic goods.

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