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Pixel Perfect — laser rejuvenation in Cyprus

The procedure of fractional laser treatment Pixel Perfect helps to activate the natural regenerative resources of skin and make face look few years younger.

The Pixel Perfect laser is delicate enough to handle sensitive skin areas such as skin around eyes, neck and even chest area, which are usually too sensitive for the treatment with other types of traditional laser.

Fractional rejuvenation includes:

  • Phi Beauty Lab Medical Spa in Limassol Cypruscleansing of sun-damaged skin;
  • minimizing of small and medium wrinkles;
  • reducing of pore size;
  • treating and smoothing acne scars.

Pixel laser stream, divided by the patented optics into the finest rays, affects microscopic areas of the skin at a strictly defined depth, eliminating excess fluid.

Nearby intact cells begin self- healing process and start producing collagen. Within a short time, the scars disappear, and the texture of the skin begins to improve, allowing you to see the reduction of small and medium wrinkles, excess skin under the eyes and the facelift of the face oval.

The number of procedures necessary for each customer is chosen individually and varies from 1 to 4-5 with an interval of 2 weeks between each treatment.

SHR — laser hair removal in Cyprus

Phi Beauty Lab Medical Spa in Limassol CyprusSuper Laser Hair Removal SHR is a new method of laser hair removal, which is also possible for tanned skin and during summer months.

SHR laser light is absorbed by the hair follicle, which is destroyed by the heat together with the surrounding cells that are responsible for hair growth.

The procedure is called In-Motion, and most of the clients associate it with the pleasant light massage. The laser device is slowly being moved over the surface of the body for 6-10 times, causing a feeling of warm tingling.

The procedures are carried out every 4 weeks, to be able to follow up with the hair removal according to the natural hair re-growing cycle. After hair removal process is completed, the procedures are performed every 6-8 weeks, since hair re-growth cycle is becoming longer.

AFT-skin rejuvenation in Cyprus

Phi Beauty Lab Medical Spa in Limassol CyprusAFT Advanced Fluorescence Technology is the latest achievements of quantum cosmetology, which allows to combat age-related skin changes.

  • rosacea (common for older people);
  • pigmentation;
  • stressed and tired skin;
  • vascular disorders;
  • wrinkles;
  • tarnished skin.

AFT treatment can be used on any part of the body, but the most common areas are face, chest and arms.

The nozzle of the device has a built-in cooling system, which makes the procedure safe, convenient and comfortable for customers. The treatment can cause a slight burning sensation. Visible changes occur after the first treatment, but depending on the problem and skin condition, 3-4 sessions might be required within following 2 weeks.

LPG — anti-cellulite massage in Cyprus

Phi Beauty Lab Medical Spa in Limassol CyprusLPG anti-cellulite massage is the technology of cellulite treatment number one in the world. LPG massage (or vacuum roller) activates the process of fat release (lipolysis) to remove localized fats and other skin imperfections. Unique rollers of the device and controlled suction effect improve metabolic processes and stimulate body tissues, which helps to significantly smooth the skin and increase its elasticity.

The optimal LPG course consists of 18-22 sessions of 45 minutes each. Treatment is recommended to be done 2 times a week.

Dr. George Psaras:

  • Academic and clinical head of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Witwatersrand;
  • Educated at Sevenoaks School (Kent, UK) and Limassol (Cyprus);
  • Medical degree from Freiburg University (Germany);
  • Membership in the Medical College of South Africa (“Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”);
  • Masters degree in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the research report in progress;
  • Member of various professional bodies and associations in South Africa and abroad.

Head of the medical spa Phi Beauty Lab, Dr. George Psaras held various positions in medical institutions specializing in general surgery, orthopaedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as plastic surgery for burns.

Professor is the author of a large number of articles published in various medical journals, and also often presents his research at local and international congresses and seminars.


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