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SDC: security and automation systems in Cyprus

SDC offers high-quality products and solutions for security and automation systems to licensed professional integrators and installers in Cyprus, Greece and Malta.

Professional and comprehensive cooperation with the leading manufacturers of security products has allowed SDC to become an expert in its field and possess a lot of technical knowledge and know-how.

The SDC project division develops specialized solutions with advanced technologies for corporations, airports, utility companies, hospitals, training centres and other organizations.

Network Security Systems in Cyprus

SDC security and automation products in Cyprus

SDC offers complete creation of network security systems in different business areas, which also includes design and production.

Continuous development and knowledge upgrade under the leadership and guidance of some of the biggest and most prestigious manufacturers in the security industry, such as Tyco Security & Fire Group, Urmet Group, Optex Group, FLIR, Cisco, allows highly skilled and experienced IT professionals to maintain standards for the top quality technological requirements.

The priority task of the company is to understand specific and unique needs of each client and to offer the right solution to ensure the best results to comply with the requirements and budget.

SDC Products

Tyco Security Products

SDC security and automation products in CyprusTyco Security products and its offered solutions from the leading industry brands cover a wide choice of security systems, such as:

  • access and management systems;
  • home security and control systems;
  • video security systems;
  • wireless alarms systems;
  • fire alarm systems..

Tyco Security conducts business in more than 177 countries around the world in various languages and offers professional support of its team members, including development and research, production, marketing, servicing and sales.
Tyco products allow customers to view their business operations from a new perspective, act more efficiently and save more in such industries and business segments as healthcare, government organizations, finance, transportation, commercial and residential real estate, as well retail business.

Tyco Security products are here to ensure security and safety of 42% of Fortune 500 companies around the world, 37% of the world’s 100 largest retail chains, transport systems of five continents, more than 2 million businesses, more than 5 million private residences and thousands of students in more than 900 schools across the globe.

FLIR Systems Inc.

SDC security and automation products in CyprusThe company develops, manufactures, sells and distributes innovative solutions used in everyday life:

  • visible-light imaging systems;
  • thermal imaging systems;
  • locator systems;
  • advanced threat detection system;
  • diagnostic and measurement systems.

FLIR Systems Inc. is the largest commercial company in the world, which specializes in the production and development of image sensor, system components and thermal imaging cameras.

The company produces thermal chambers and components to meet the demand of private businesses operating in various areas, as well as government institutions.


SDC security and automation products in CyprusWith the head office in Japan, OPTEX Co. Ltd has been a recognized leading manufacturer of sensors for more than 35 years, providing high-performance detection systems to the customers all over the world.

Established in 1979, OPTEX launched the first automatic door sensor in the world using a technology of far infrared rays. Professional sensing technologies offered by the company range from PIR (passive infrared sensors), active infrared and three-dimensional thermal technologies to fibre-optic and laser technology, providing solutions suitable for various environments and being able to satisfy different requirements.

OPTEX provides individual and effective detection systems for both residential and commercial premises, as well as for a high risk and security infrastructures and premises.


Urmet is the leading Italian group of companies and an absolute expert in the field. It consists of more than 50 companies that have combined their expertise to provide global solutions to customers and business partners.

Starting from 1937, Urmet has been developing and creating products in the field of security, communication, energy management, telecommunications and energy saving technologies.

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