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S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou: Aluminum architectural systems in Cyprus

S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou is an expert company in the production and design of aluminium architectural systems.

S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou offers professional and comprehensive solutions to be used in household and everyday business operations. Solutions offered by the company are able to meet the need of the most demanding customers.

Broad expertise and unique experience, as well as use of the latest technologies, makes it possible for the company to be able to offer the highest quality products and services, with the maximum use of the beneficial properties and characteristics of aluminium.

All S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou products are manufactured only from internationally certified materials of the highest quality.

Aluminium products in Cyprus:

  • window frames;
  • entrance doors;
  • balcony constructions;
  • fences;
  • window grilles.


S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou  S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou  S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou

Aluminium constructions in Cyprus

The company guarantees complete implementation of solutions, based on the needs and requirements of the customer. S.V. Kataskeves Alouiminiou offers the production of aluminium frames and structures at one of the most competitive prices in Cyprus.

Professional architects and engineers will create unique and highly aesthetic solutions required for thermal isolation, energy saving and security purposes, as well as structures required for private homes or commercial space.

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