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Golden Donkeys Farm

Golden donkeys farm is located in Skarinou village. It accommodates approximately 200 donkeys. The farm was built based on our love and care for sustaining this traditional, native to Cyprus animal.

The main reason for establishing the farm, was to protect these beautiful animals that are bound to extinct. Once you enter the farm, you come across with a very old olive tree, perhaps the oldest in Cyprus.

A beautiful botanical garden surrounds the farm. The perfume of the garden’s herbs accompanies the visitors in every step they take. Basil, lavender, oregano and other herbs create a magnificent atmosphere with their distinct smell and colors.


Golden Donkeys FarmGolden Donkeys FarmGolden Donkeys Farm

Discover and explore the winery, see the well, the olive mill, the traditional cottage house, the donkey museum and the wax museum which is a tribute to traditional Cypriot professions and their history, presented through wax figures.

You can complete your visit by enjoying a lovely, traditional Cypriot coffee at our cafeteria. Moreover, in the souvenir shop you can indulge yourself with traditional products and cosmetics made from donkey milk.

Golden Donkeys Farm

In the traditional house time goes back many years. The beds, the wardrobe, the table, the chairs and the other furniture are very old! Visiting this place will be a good experience of knowing about the way Cypriots used to live.

The venue is also available for various events as well as school field trips.

Donkey milk has the enzyme ‘lysozyme’, which is famous for its antibacterial effect. The milk is very nutritional and is considered to have a positive effect in fighting certain diseases, such as tuberculosis, acme, other skin problems, asthma and other breathing conditions. In addition, the milk is used for the production of cosmetics due to its anti-aging effect, since nowadays it is scientifically proven that donkey milk has anti-aging qualities on the human skin.

Its composition consists of Ω-3 and Ω-6 antioxidant fatty acids, which increase the elasticity of the skin. It contains also ideal quantities of vitamin A, B2, C and E that offer the skin anti-aging and refreshing qualities. In ancient times this was a secret kept well by Cleopatra, giving her her well-known majestic beauty.

Cleopatra cosmetic series offers authentic concentrated donkey milk with formulas that ensure its deep absorption.

Donkey milk productsThe range includes:

  • anti-aging day cream from natural ingredients with donkey milk;
  • anti-aging night cream with donkey milk;
  • anti-aging eye cream with donkey milk;
  • Anti-aging serum with donkey milk;
  • anti-aging cream for the body and hands with donkey milk;
  • bubble bath with donkey milk.

Makeup can be purchased from the farm or from the online store.

On the Golden Donkeys farm you can also purchase fresh donkey milk.

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Golden Donkeys Farm

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