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A.V.E. Beauty Salon

A.V.E. Beauty Salon is located in the heart of the Limassol tourist area, in Germasoyia area, close to Londa 5 * and Appolonia Beach 5* hotels. The purpose of the beauty professionals at AVE Beauty Salon is to provide quality services at competitive prices and to develop an individual program according to your wishes and budget.

A.V.E. Beauty Salon proudly offers a variety of specialized and unique treatments such as Plazmolifting, vector lifting, facial and body mesotherapy, bio revitalization, implanted gel strands, lip volume increase, mesobotox etc.

The beauticians and doctors, who provide their services, were trained in the world leading beauty centers and have all the necessary certificates confirming their qualifications. In addition, they constantly improve their skills and undergo additional training.


 A.V.E. Beauty SalonA.V.E. Beauty SalonA.V.E. Beauty Salon

Beauticians in Cyprus use cosmetics from leading European companies: Academie, Thalgo, Filorga, Koko, Danne, Janssen. A.V.E. Beauty Salon offers a variety of treatments for the face and body: bio lifting and chemical peels (retinoic and acid), medical and classical face peel, acne treatment, mesotherapy and plastic contour, removal of tumors (pappilom, warts and moles) with the help of radio wave method; anti-cellulite programs and programs for weight loss, all kinds of massage, LPG.

Hairdressers in Cyprus use professional brands for hair care (Loreal, Paul Mitchel, Wella). The professional stylists, who were trained in the UK, Italy, France and Cyprus, help you choose a hairstyle, make all kinds of dyeing, conduct hair treatments, create your wedding or evening hairstyle, make any type of praiding.

A.V.E. Beauty SalonManicurists in Cyprus use professional brands as well, such as OPI, Creative, IBD and Gewohl. At A.V.E. Beauty Salon you can get classical and European manicure treatments and designs, gel and acrylic extensions, classic and spa pedicure treatments, paraffin, lasting gel coat polish (Shellac).

The prices of beauty services are comparable with centers that provide high quality services in the European market: the cost of a manicure is 30 euros, a pedicure is 35-40 euros, women’s haircuts are around 28-35 euros and hair coloring is from 30 euros.

Embrace the feeling of luxury! A.V.E. Beauty salon offers you maximum enjoyment and benefits from a set of procedures aimed at the fight against excess body centimeters. Visit the exclusive sauna and treat yourself with a body wrap, with which you can get a slim, toned body with smooth, radiant skin.

Allow yourself to be a smart woman!

Treatments for DETOX, RELAXATION, LIFTING help to relax, tone and, of course, preserve beauty.

  • Steaming in the Finnish sauna will soothe and relieve muscle tension.
  • Peeling treatment aims to clean the pores.
  • Body wraps (seaweed, chocolate, herbs, PARAFANGO) withdraw toxins and deeply moisturize the skin.
  • Light spa massage improves metabolism and skin, helps expel toxins from the body and give the skin smoothness, freshness and youth.

A.V.E. Beauty SalonA.V.E. Beauty Salon

Visiting the beauty center A.V.E. Beauty Salon, you will see that dreams can come true, and the reality will sparkle with new colors! It is believed that everything is subject to time, but in the hands of these professionals beauty acquires a timeless property.

Imagine how your desires will be translated into reality, when friends and acquaintances say that you look younger and prettier. However, more importantly, you’ll be able to say to yourself: “I am wonderful!”


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