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Home Med Care: Medical and Nursing Services at your Home

Caring for patients at home

Home Med Care offers comprehensive services for the medical care of patients at home, as well as nursing, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and social support.

When treating patients at home, patients can rely on a systemic approach to health care which encourages the participation of family members in the treatment, and leads to a significant improvement in the general mood of the patient.

Medical treatment at home will help:

  • Home Med CareWith the faster recovery of the patient;
  • Save money on transport to and from the clinic;
  • Reduce the overall cost of the treatment in Cyprus;
  • Make the treatment of the patient easier for family and friends;
  • Minimize the risk of nosocomial infections.

For the best results the experienced staff of the Home Med Care in Cyprus exchange information about the patient’s condition and consult with a physician-therapist about the course of treatment.

What is Home Med Care?

Home Med Care is a developed and tested medical practice that is used in the world’s major health care systems in the USA, Britain, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.

Such care allows the patients to receive quality medical and nursing care in the comfort of their own home.

Home Med CareHome Med Care serves patients of all ages (from the youngest to the most senior) and medical conditions:

  • Patients that have been discharged from a health facility and need to complete their treatment at home;
  • Patients with mobility problems, or who do not wish to be treated in a health facility;
  • Patients with chronic disorders (cancer, stroke, decubitus ulcers, etc.);
  • Special needs patients.

Medical and Nursing care in Cyprus

Highly skilled doctors and other health professionals (f.e Dentists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists) provide health care at home with full insurance coverage. The algorithm of the Home Med Care in Cyprus is based on international standards, adapted to local requirements.

Home Med Care features:

  • Home Med CareHealth Care Service Center (7777 1221) for round the clock, immediate patient support;
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for comprehensive and continuous monitoring by medical and nursing staff;
  • Access to clinical laboratories 24/7;
  • Medical and nursing equipment to cover all needs;
  • Telemedicine;
  • 24-hour nurse/caregiver (when necessary).

Home Med Care in Cyprus includes a wide range of medical services: the prescription of proper medication, injections, oxygen therapy, EKG / triplex, abdominal ultrasound, pain management, assistance in training family members and such care services as nutrition, personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, manicure / pedicure for bedridden patients).

For people with limited mobility Home Med Care provides transportation of the patient when necessary.

Caring for someone in their hour of need places a lot of stress on not only the patient but the entire family and close friends. Such care besides selfless acts from family and friends requires professional medical and nursing expertise.

Home Med Care has the necessary know-how and experience to provide everyone with the most appropriate care necessary and assist them on their way to a speedy recovery. By trusting your health to the experts of Home Med Care, you will have the convenience, discretion and a friendly health professional on your side anytime and anywhere you need them.

Home Med Care brings health care to your home in a caring, compassionate, friendly and professional manner for an unsurpassed experience in your time of need.


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