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Up-market fashion jewelry from Italy: sophisticated individuality

http://mires.ruA cosy atmosphere, azure colour scheme, pictures, deep armchairs, discreet music and the smell of coffee: Aquamarine, a unique boutique of Italian jewelry made of silver, pearls and semiprecious stones, opened in Limassol.

Stylish art house handmade jewelry of Italian designers, who create their works for elegant, self-assured women.

– You cannot help but look at the women who wear this jewelry. They are created for those who love and appreciate themselves, who are sure of their irresistibility. I wanted to share this beauty, help women emphasize their individuality, attain their own style! says owner of the boutique Lyudmila Budanova.

Long necklaces made of large pearls or natural stone, rings in the form of flowers, snakes or scattered gems, lilac drops of pearls on a long thin chain. Each is a piece of art, which is easier seen than described.

Along with agates, amethysts, turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine and labradorite, Italian designers use stones of the 21st century, for example, rutile. This stone has a grey colour with sparkles of blue, grey and yellow. Inside some crystals you can see golden strips, they are called Venus’ hair. Precious Australian baroque pearl is widely used.



– A woman is transformed when she puts on this jewelry: natural stones and pearls enhance the sparkle of the eyes. This is the magic of jewelry, Lyudmila Budanova continues her story. We receive compliments, which make us self-assured, successful and loved!

Ancient philosophers and alchemists often endowed precious stones with special qualities.

Pearl is a symbol of long life and a happy marriage. It improves the nervous system.

Pyrite is a stone of health. People think that it harmonizes all processes in the body and helps attain a healthy self-assurance and balance of mind.

Agates are a symbol of health and long life.

AquamarineАquamarine is the symbol of bravery, courage and wisdom. Ancient peoples believed that it preserves marital happiness and helps well-being in life.

Italian jewelry exhibitions demonstrate a flourish of interest for jewelry made of semiprecious stones and pearls. The new trend has replaced gaudy jewelry made of plastic and other synthetic materials. The new trend was taken up by fashionistas, television hosts and аctresses who emphasize their individuality with the aid of jewelry made of semiprecious stones. Michelle Obama appeared at an official reception in a necklace made of multilayer baroque pearls and caused a surge of admiration with the fashionable public!

Stylish women wear fashion jewelry, the rest wear gold, Coco Chanel is purported to have said.

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