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The first Sotos Outdoor shop was set up over 22 years ago and initially dealt with the sale of furniture and household items.

Today the company is the largest supplier and distributor of outdoor furniture in Cyprus, well respected and trusted by its clients.

Sotos Outdoor shops can be found in Nicosia, Limassol and Pafos.  The company also delivers to more than 80 shops around Cyprus.

Furniture from company Sotos Outdoor is in great demand with governmental organizations, luxurious resorts and hotels, water parks, private villas and penthouses.


Sotos OutdoorSotos OutdoorSotos Outdoor

Furniture is supplied by the best factories from Europe and Asia.

Wooden furniture and accessories for gardens and verandas – garden sets, elegant pavilions, couches and swings, armchairs and umbrellas for the house – ideally suit houses and any open space. Furniture from company Sotos Outdoor will create the feeling of incredible comfort everywhere – next to the pool or on the beach, on a veranda or in a pavilion.

Garden furniture and accessories from company Sotos Outdoor are created so that they suit any setting perfectly and become a congruous part of the interior. Furniture from company Sotos Outdoor will last a long time either indoors or out thanks to its high quality, guaranteeing pleasure and comfort for many years.


Sotos Outdoor

An incomparably romantic and cosy atmosphere can be created outdoors with the help of furniture sets, decorative elements and luxurious deck chairs, whilst effective umbrellas made of stainless steel and high-endurance all-weather cloth will protect you against the sun and rain.

A delightful terrace and a beautiful pool are not just about the design and the plants of your choice. A house can only become stylish when you are surrounded by the best furniture and accessories, which will make your leisure and relaxation time not only comfortable but will also reflect your individuality.

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