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Do you have a new addition to your family? Could you use a helping hand? Go to cleaning company Acropolis and, as well as major house cleaning, company specialists can carry out special antibacterial cleaning of the premises.

AcropolisPerhaps you are planning a celebration? Don’t worry about the cleaning, use the services of company Acropolis and forget about food and coffee stains on furniture and carpets. You can relax while we take care of the cleaning!

Acropolis specialists love cleanliness in everything!  For instance, they will help you with the professional care of your blinds, regardless of the material. Acropolis specialists cab come to your house or office and, thanks to a wide range of professional equipment, can carry out high quality and delicate cleaning.

Company specialists will make each corner of your house crystal clean!

The Acropolis dry-cleaner’s network has been working in the market of personal services since 1975. The company has grown since that time and has become one of the largest and best technically equipped firms in Cyprus. Company specialists are always happy to take over the care of your house for you.

All Acropolis personnel have had special training and will not only ensure the cleanliness in your house and surrounding area, but will also take care of the health of its customers.

Acropolis values your time and helps save you money. The company has gained unique experience in personal services in the 40 years of operations which, combined with modern technologies, ensures the quick removal of the toughest dirt and achieves perfect cleanliness in your home or office at minimum cost.

The dry-cleaner’s network widens the range of its services constantly, whilst having offices in many cities in Cyprus makes highly quality cleaning easily accessible to everyone.


Acropolis Acropolis Acropolis carpets

Company Acropolis offers you perfect results in cleaning, polishing and repairs:

  • cleaning of blinds (removal, cleaning, installation);
  • cleaning and storage of carpets (disinfecting of carpets);
  • rental of chair covers (make your celebration beautiful!);
  • biological cleaning of sofas (most modern biological methods of cleaning upholstered furniture);
  • cleaning of curtains (removal, cleaning, installation);
  • dry cleaning (the use of the most modern technology);
  • cleaning (high-quality cleaning of houses and offices);
  • ECHO-technologies (the use of only biologically safe substances);
  • ironing (careful and good quality ironing);
  • cleaning of down comforters and feather beds (disinfection and treatment with bactericides);
  • shoe repairs (repairs and restoration of shoes);
  • VIP-services (cleaning of fur coats and leather goods);
  • cleaning of wedding dresses.

Тhe Acropolis company also holds special promotions on its Facebook page, where it offers clients an opportunity to use its services at a reasonable price. You can find out about the offer of the week in any company office or by telephone 77 000 999.


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