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The unique furniture and accessories boutique, Home & Deco, are not just stores but are a whole philosophy of interior design, filling your home with comfort.

When you stroll along the isles of Home & Deco in Limassol, Nicosia or Pаphos, just imagine how your dreams may come true.

Samples are available in each hall of Home & Deco, and you can feel how comfortable your life would be if you had such things in your home.


Home and DecoHome and DecoHome and Deco

Interiors of Home & Deco are meant for people who love furniture and accessories with their individual style and sophistication.

Management and specialists of Home & Deco constantly follow fashion trends and the latest designs and technologies. The stores display a wide range of furniture from different eras, styles and national traditions.

The mission of the firm is to bring comfort to everyday life by offering its clients pieces of art together with the highest level of service.

This solid, excellent quality furniture will last for many years.  Fendi Casa, Smania, Ego, Giusti Portos, Selva, Zanaboni, Rugiano, Baga, Reflex Ulivi are a sample of those supplying Home & Deco.


Home and DecoHome and Deco

Home & Deco does not just sell furniture and accessories but offers the latest, as well as traditional, trends.

The very essence of the Home & Deco cоncept can be characterized as perfection in detail, exquisiteness, luxury and charm.


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