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La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie

La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie Sweets are a favorite treat not only for children but also for adults. La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie offers its guests an endless variety of the most delicious and exclusive cakes, cupcakes and exquisite fluffy macarons.

At any time, you can taste and buy these masterpieces of pastry which will please anyone, even the most demanding tastes.

The unique cupcakes are decorated with delicious caps of light cream or frosting and these exclusive recipes are created by using the latest technology.

Cupcakes gained popularity in the United States at the beginning of the XIX century. The bright, juicy and incredibly tasty and stylish cupcakes from La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie are the ones that no one can resist.

The pastry shop can make customized cupcakes with baby figurines, flowers, company logo, etc.

Especially popular among customers are the macarons (famous French pastry made of egg whites, powdered sugar and crushed almonds). Macarons consist of two halves and the filling of cream or jam between them. This original and easy dessert already managed to conquer the hearts of sweets around the world. A variety of tastes and design and their small size make this dessert popular in many banquets.

Galerie by Galactica Patisserie has also achieved great success in the manufacture of exclusive wedding cakes in Cyprus.

What attracts customers to La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie?

Of course, the main factor is the quality of products. All cakes and pastries are hand-made by an experienced team of confectioners. Each of the employees of the company thoroughly performs the work entrusted to them, creating a new masterpiece.

When making wedding cakes, the client is involved in all the steps of the creation and of the main wedding table decorations; the final stage is free tasting and the final changes.


La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie

La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie also has a catalog of ready products to order a cake fromor to choose a preliminary design of the cake. Today, La Galerie by Galactica Patisserie won the recognition of its regular customers as a top confectionary in Cyprus, but is always looking for new ones as well.

The Patisserie’s guests are provided with delicious sweets and an impeccable level of service, as well as packaging created with an exclusive design that is sure to please those who want to buy tasty sweets.

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