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LogosNet Services and Valicom Net: cloud infrastructure and service

Cloud infrastructure and service are the services for storing and processing of information provided through global Internet network.

Internet and Cloud service in Cyprus

Cloud service

LogosNet Services Ltd and Valicom Net Ltd are companies offering Cloud provider services in Cyprus for companies and individuals.

LogosNet Services Ltd was founded in 1995 and became the first provider of Internet solutions and services on Cyprus market.

The company meets the needs of both individual user and clients from the corporate sector, providing a full range of innovative, technologically advanced services and solutions related to the Internet.

Valicom Net Ltd is a fast growing company, offering high-tech Internet and technical services.

A professional team of IT specialists of the company guarantees a continuous support to the customers. The main priorities of Valicom Net Ltd are – satisfied service users and the ability to offer top quality services at fair market price.

Most common Cloud service include:

  • Cloud serviceEmail services;
  • ‘Exchange’ hosting;
  • Systems of customer relationship management;
  • Finances and accounts;
  • Sales marketing and Email marketing (mailing services);
  • CMS and web hosting;
  • Supply chain management system;
  • Virtual desktop;
  • Virtual server Linux / Windows;
  • Cloud backup services;
  • Corporate telephony systems IP PBX;
  • Anti-spam software;
  • Virtual private network (VPN).

Top 10 advantages of using Cloud infrastructure and services:

  1. Flexibility. Cloud services are ideal for companies with growing or changing business requirements. Unlimited electronic resources, such as memory, drives, and processor, as well as an easy scaling, calculation and administration allows the businesses and companies consisting of 2 or even 5 thousand employees, to work effectively.
  2. Emergency recovery. Any company or business needs the tools to be able to recover the data in emergency situations. Building up your own Cloud backup system requires a significant investment, which might not financially benefit new or small businesses. Backup and recovery using Cloud technology makes it possible to avoid big costs and gives a peace of mind to the user.
  3. Automatic software update.  Clients do not need to worry about updating the software. Cloud service will make all necessary updates automatically.
  4. Costs and expenditure. Using of Cloud computing can reduce the cost of the company’s computer infrastructure. Payment is charged only when Cloud service is being used. The calculation is carried out using a subscription-based model that is included in the company’s budget.
  5. Availability. Employees of the company can receive, edit and exchange documents at any time and from any location. The transition of the business to Cloud computing, where all files are stored centrally, allows all employees to see only one version of the document. Improved communication means better cooperation between the employees, which ultimately leads to more efficient work process.

Cloud Services Консультирование Cloud Web Hosting

  1. Working from anywhere in the world. Having a basic Internet connection, any employee can be accessible online, which allows to balance between working hours and free time. A virtual desktop makes it possible to install a work desktop on any device and make it reachable from any location.
  2. Security. Storing data in Cloud allows accessing information and documents regardless of the technical condition of the electronic device. If a laptop or any other electronic device is lost, Cloud customer has the ability to remotely erase the information from the device, preventing the data to be used by unauthorized persons.
  3. Competitiveness. The transition to Cloud allows businesses to operate faster and be more flexible. Paid services and Cloud business applications allow small companies and businesses to compete better and focus on their customers and new markets, while being cost effective.
  4. The environment. Even though the above points only emphasize the benefits of Cloud computing for business, Cloud service also creates environmental benefits. In the situations, when Cloud service needs to be updated, the energy costs are proportional to the required volume of operation, which also allows to reduce the energy consumption.
  5. To sum it up. In simple terms, the goal of Cloud services is to optimize the business operations and make the company management processes easier to the users. Cloud service is able to make life of the business owner more comfortable and efficient by making the necessary business applications available and accessible anytime and from any location at a reasonable price.
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