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Nikos Property Services Construction Company

Our company offers full-scale repair services for homes and offices. The distinctive feature calling card of Nikos Property Services’ is the individual approach to each client and their requests.

Property construction or repair is invariably extensive and creative work which requires responsibility and professional approach. One can say that wall painting is not a big deal, and you could do it yourself rather than pay someone for unskilled labour – however this is exactly where the difference between an amateur worker and a professional lies. An amateur worker does not realise that redecoration or cosmetic repair is not only straightforward plastering or wall painting; this work must be preceded by fairly extensive preparatory activities which have to be conducted in due order and with due quality.

Nikos Property Services’ professional qualification is based on many years of experience and all  the required certificates which verify that all construction works, however sophisticated they are, are in compliance with the quality standards and the EU safety requirements.


Nikos Property Services Construction CompanyNikos Property Services Construction CompanyNikos Property Services Construction Company

We offer reliability and quality guarantees for all construction works because Nikos Property Services uses up-to-date construction technologies, only certified construction materials and new high-quality construction equipment.

Nikos Property Services offers extra services free of charge, such as on-site visits at your convenience, necessary surveys, and drafting of detailed preliminary estimates.


Nikos Property Services Construction CompanyNikos Property Services Construction Company

We are ready to provide answers to any questions related to construction and repair. Whether it is ordinary redecoration or intricate turnkey finishing for the most demanding clients, we find any project equally challenging and attractive.

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