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Oxette and Loisir – jewelry, watches and accessories

The Perideo group of companies has more than 30 years experience in the production and sale of jewelry and watches in Cyprus. The company has become widely known not only at home, in Greece, but also abroad thanks to its two trading marks, Oxette and Loisir. Both trading marks are fashionable brands with a wide range of both collections and individual items, inciting great interest from both men and women worldwide.


The Oxette brand is aimed at fashion-loving, modern, independent people, who use fashion artistically to express and accentuate their individuality.

Uniqueness is the hallmark of all Oxette collections with their craftsmen creating absolute treasures with a universal elegance of both casual and glamour.

Oxette jewelry, watches and accessories do not simply catch the eye with their originality, but also convey the lifestyle of its owner through exquisite design, innovations and challenge.

Oxette Oxette Oxette

All creations of the Oxette collection were designed and selected with great care keeping in mind the balance between modern international trends in fashion and art. A wide choice of Oxette jewelry, watches and accessories will add a new accent to your casual or festive image.

The ideal balance оf an original design with quality and price have made the Oxette brand one of the most popular with customers.


All these criteria were fully reflected in a new Autumn/Winter 2015–2016 collection from OXETTE. The Volcanic Rock collection combines the beauty of wild nature and the powerful energy of genuine gems.

The jewelry will compliment any image – modern, feminine, romantic or perhaps you will choose the lugubrious and mysterious Gothic or wild rock styles?

All in the new collection will catch the eye with the patterns and colours of red, black and bright green gems, and The Volcanic Rock collection from OXETTE is an escape into the world of luxury!

Oxette new collection



Loisir is a buoyant and charming, bright and fashionable brand for the young, and offers creative and fresh concepts in jewelry, watches and accessories of the highest quality.

Original ideas, skilful execution and high quality at an affordable price makes the jewelry in this brand an ideal gift and it is this that made Loisir one of the most popular and recognizable brands not only in Greece, but also around the world.

Loisir new collection




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