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PARADISE Funeral Agency

The burial ceremony is a well established part of our culture and society and everyone deserves to be properly interred, regardless of nationality, financial standing, social status or faith.

The Paradise

The Paradise Funeral Agency can help you organise the valediction and farewell ceremony. The company has been operating since 1990 and offers a wide range of funeral services and guarantees the utmost professionalism.

A burial is basically a farewell ritual. The Paradise Agency understands that those who turn to them for help are going through a difficult time and so take their work very seriously.

Staff at the Agency understand that the bereaved have a right to empathy and high quality of service, which is why they are available to help you with any traditions and customs, choosing the type of ceremony and the funeral itself.

PARADISE Funeral Agency works around the clock, seven days a week, and offers the following services:

  • a choice of coffins;
  • a choice of crosses (wooden or made with flowers);;
  • floral decoration of the coffin;
  • refrigeration of the body;
  • embalming;
  • dressing of the deceased;
  • burial clothes;
  • digging of the grave;
  • The Paradiseannouncements in the newspapers;
  • floral decoration of the church;
  • transportation of the body;
  • provision of transport for relatives;
  • filling in the necessary documents;
  • personnel for moving the coffin;
  • organisation of a funeral banquet;
  • a church service;
  • erection of a memorial;
  • care of the tomb;
  • repatriation;
  • cremation.

Specialists at the PARADISE Agency will solve even the most difficult problems which may arise. Relatives of the deceased are guaranteed impeccable service.

Take care of yourselves!