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PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style: multibrand furniture and accessories shop in Cyprus!

History of the PKS Philosophy of Kudos + Style

The long history of the company PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style began in 1953. Since then, for the past 60 years, the furniture and accessories shop has maintained an impeccable reputation, and collaborates with major Italian fashion brands and designers.

PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style

In the furniture shop PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style you may find furniture and accessories of such famous brands as:

In addition, a PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style collaborates with the famous designers, namely:

  • Giuseppe Vigano;
  • Alain Gille;
  • Luca Nichetto;
  • Bartoli;
  • Dondoli e Pocci;
  • Mario Mazzer;
  • Mauro Lipparini.

Qualified professional team

The team of experienced architects and interior designers view each space as unique and offer a service that will provide you with an area of composed perfection.

The qualified team will take away the stress and choose for you pieces that blend together quality and elegance.

FENDI CASA Contemporary collection 2016 exclusively at PKS

The Fendi Casa Contemporary collection interprets the Fendi language in way that is both precious and rough, and contextualizes it in a rigorously modernist ambience with a brutalist allure.

Nature, in its driest essence, is the surrounding environment. The elements – both of the Fendi lexicon and the furnishing of a house – are central in the visual play.

The idea of subtle luxury is expressed in the assertive presence of forms, the commanding softness of volumes, the pleasant tactility of materials, the sophistication of the finishes. Each piece is not only defined by the balance of form and matter, but also by the space it occupies and its relation to the environment.

The alternation of full and void creates new additions and new shapes. Materials and details – always functional, never decorative – allude to the Fendi repertoire: straps and buckles taken from leatherwork; precious skins, fabrics, furs; saddle stitches. The rigorous yet unexpected juxtaposition of materials invites to visual and tactile explorations.

A requisite of the Fendi world, in fact, is it poly-sensoriality.  Innovation without memory is just a style exercise. It’s only when traditional instruments are used with respect for the craft and disrespect for the rules that original and timeless creations arise. It’s the spirit, not the epochal connotation that counts.

Fendi Casa Contemporary marries tradition with innovation. Craft, here, is as a tool, not a limit. Thus, it a pure representation of the now.


Yves Delorme – world renowned luxury linens

The Yves Delorme style, a blend of traditional and modern, embodies a facet of the French ‘art de vivre’, offering an experience of everyday luxury.

The annual collections are based on four approaches – progress, softness, luxury and timeless reliability. Yves Delorme aims to create a complete style of living for the home by the addition of new developments such as table linen, lingerie, home fragrances and baby collections.

Discover the world of Yves Delorme, with a passion for luxurious home linens since 1845.


VISPRING – Luxury Beds – London 1901

The range of furniture and accessories in Cyprus

The wide range of furniture at salon PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style is presented in the following categories:


The main element of the bedroom is the bed, which you can choose in any style and size.


PKS philosophy of Kudos + StylePKS philosophy of Kudos + Style


PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style

The wide line of products for the living room by famous brands includes individual interior, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, and full sets of furniture.


The original dining tables and designer chairs will be a nice addition to your dining room.


Unique decorations and furnishings for a comfortable stay in the garden or by the pool – deck chairs, garden chairs, tables, vases and much more can also be found in PKS philosophy of Kudos.

Small Furniture


In this category you will find individual decor items – such as chairs and small stands that will complement and decorate the space.


Cabinets, stands and other units will make any space comfortable and multi-functional.


Another important element of the decor is the lighting. A unique lighting solution and professional advice will help you make your home brighter and create an atmosphere of harmony.

PKS philosophy of Kudos + StyleAccessories

In the furniture showroom PKS philosophy of Kudos + Style you will also find a wide range of household items, decorations and accessories.


A beautiful rug is an important element of the decor and can become the perfect complement or accent in the design of your apartment or a house.

PKS philosophy of Kudos + StyleLinen

In this category you will find a variety of tablecloths, towels and bedding for the bedroom or children’s room.


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