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Don’t Buy what your Great Grand Mother would not Recognise as Food

Would your great grandmother even know what GMO means, what processed and chemical packed foods taste like? Probably not. These are all relatively new to the world of foods. The first time GMO foods were sold commercially was only twenty years ago.

Белая клубникаYour great grandmother or grandfather for that matter certainly did not eat GMO foods or purchase processed foods with added chemicals and additives. These have all been introduced into the food market to keep up with the new worlds fast pace life, providing ready cooked and prepared foods with longer shelf lives and fuller tastes. These prepared meals, are made with flavorsome additives, GMO’s and chemicals to make your meal taste better and coming back for more. If there was any real food to begin with, it has been altered and sometimes to an unrecognizable state.

As tasty, convenient and accessible these processed, ready-made, chemical injected and GMO foods are, they are even more harmful to your health.

Food additives, having been newly introduced to the market and your foods, have unknown long term effects as most of these hundreds of chemicals have been untested. Even worse, is combining these chemicals, most the time synthetic, and using them within foods that you will eat. Many have been seen to create allergies, hyperactivity, asthma, headaches, obesity and more deadly health conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Even with known and unknown adverse effects, hundreds of these chemicals have been approved to be used in your foods.

GMO’s are genetically modified foods and have been on the market for even less time than food additives and chemicals. For this reason, there is definitely not enough known about the full long term effects that GMO’s can have on the works and your health. The health authorities cannot test all the combinations of these foods on the world’s population to prove that these GMO’s are harmless.

There are however studies that have been done that already give reason to why GMO’s should not be consumed, as they are harmful. Maternal and fetal bloods were tested to find that there was the presence of multiple toxins within their blood from GMO’s.

Органически выращенные продуктыGlyphosate, used within GMO foods, has been linked to some cases of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and autism. Glyphosate alters the chemistry of your body, as it is unnatural and your gene pathway has been seen to be disrupted.

Not only GMO’s, but also all chemicals, additives and substances used in foods to alter them of preserve them are unknown to your body. They will be rejected when ingested and your body has to work vigorously to deal with these man-made chemicals. Unfortunately your body hasn’t been designed to remove so many of these chemicals and often get left within the body. Many tumors were seen to have toxic chemicals residing in them.

Most of the foods you eat are either filled or have some trace of chemical. It’s not as easy to avoid these foods and to eat wholesome, real foods as your great grandmother did many years ago. With a conscious effort and purchasing organically grown fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy you can come close enough.


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