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Мariya Gavrilina’s medical clinic

Мariya Gavrilina’s medical clinic is one of the leading clinics in Nicosia, where you can receive consultations with highly professional obstetric and gynaecology specialists, аs well as recommendations for anti-aging programmes. Consultations can also be held in Limassol and Larnaca on request. A team of professionals is ready to help patients in the following areas:

  • gynaecology;
  • family medicine;
  • neonatology and consultations on child nursing;
  • consultations on breast problems;
  • anti-aging and preventative medicine;
  • plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery;
  • auxiliary and alternative medicine.

Childbirth in Cyprus and in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Cyprus are the most popular services of the clinic’s patients.

IVF on Cyprus

Dr. Maria Gavrilina Clinic - laboratory– Маriya, unfortunately, many families exist with such a problem as the absence of children and think that infertility is the cause. Is this so and can infertility be considered illness?

– Infertility is no joke. Despite a common perception, infertility is no disease. It can happen to absolutely healthy men and women. And nevertheless, infertility can be cured. Unlike usual illnesses, often infertility is not about one person, but about a couple, this is why we should talk about an infertile marriage, not of infertility. When treating infertility, it is important we single out the key reason in each case.

This is not always easy, because in about a third of cases reproductive performance is below norm with both husband and wife. And, on the contrary, in 20% of cases both spouses can have a perfect reproductive performance but pregnancy does not occur anyway. But after a divorce both spouses have children in their new marriages/

It is obvious that the reason for infertility was, as it is usually put, biological incompatibility of the couple.

– If both spouses have normal reproductive performance and biological compatibility   is good, but still there are no children, what is the reason for their absence?

Dr. Maria Gavrilina Clinic– The matter gets more complicated, if a man or a woman cannot conceive even after several sexual partners have been changed and despite an absolutely normal performance of the sexual function. Here we can talk about infertility. Although infertility is no disease, a thesis that An Illness is More Easily Prevented Than Cured can be applied here better than to any other disease. This is really so, because infertility as a rule is a consequence of one or several abortions, inflammatory diseases of genitals or endocrine disorders.

The reason for a high frequency of abortions is either the absence of good (i.e. comfortable and safe) contraceptives, or negligence to one’s health, lack of understanding of how serious consequences of abortions can be or illiteracy in issues of contraception. Inflammatory illnesses of genitals with both men and women are often a consequence of ‘simplicity’ of sexual relations, variety and promiscuity.

The reason for infertility is not so much sexually transmitted diseases, but an ordinary, banal chronic inflammation. And lastly, it can be an excessive protein diet, which deranges metabolism, including endocrinal metabolism, and as a result the conception mechanism is broken.

In many cases sticking to easy preventative measures based on food and sexual hygiene is sufficient to prevent infertility. As for such infertility factors as ecology, it is much more difficult to prevent.

– How can infertility be helped?

– We offer auxiliary technologies to families in despair. They are insemination, introduction of enriched sperm into a woman’s uterine cavity or a transfer of gem sells into uterine tubes. Besides, we also use a transfer of fertilized ovum into uterine tubes with ultrasonic guidance. Оne  popular technology is in vitro fertilization.

This is fertilization outside of a female body, in a laboratory, with a consequent transfer of embryos into mother’s uterus.

– In vitro fertilization helped many of your patients to become happy parents. Are there any difficulties during the treatment?

– No matter how strange it may sound, but I often encounter an abyss of ignorance with our patients on issues related to their health. Such patients get disappointed in treatment before it produces any results.

Most patients not only have incomplete examinations and treatments, but also ruin the traces of what has already been done and force each new doctor to start anew, losing the precious time and strength. We have to use donor cells in the worst cases. Taking the opportunity I want to say special thanks to women-donors, who despite a difficult preparatory process of growing ovules, show great kindness and patience giving a unique chance of having a child to some families with a hopeless forecast.


Dr. Maria Gavrilina Clinic

Highly professional specialists who give consultations in Russian, Greek and English, can help patients overcome the problem of food intolerance, from which about 45% inhabitants of the globe suffer, do a hair microelements test (trace heavy metals mobilization and define the metabolic type of the body), estimate the balance of steroid hormones (outline the concept of the age-related hormone hunger to the patients and extend youth).

If you want advice on child nursing in Cyprus, consultations on childbirth and IVF, breast diseases and other important information about health, Mariya Gavrilina’s medical centre will help you and will find correct solutions to any problem.

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