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Cyprus Inform is a diversified company that owns and web portals, with more than three thousand visitors daily, and specialises in information and advertising services in the tourism and real estate sector.

Cyprus Inform is pleased to offer a new service to customers and partners – full property trust management.

What kind of service do we offer?

Rental PropertyBefore we talk about the services we provide to owners of villas and apartments in Cyprus, we should specify what “trust management” is to avoid confusion between two different categories – “real estate rental or sale with a real estate agent” and “asset management of real estate.”

Most property owners are offered the first version. The owner is obliged to enter into an ordinary agency agreement with the realtor because he is not on the island for much of the time, and has no opportunity to participate in the process of selling or renting his property personally.

It’s important to understand that not every realtor who offers his services to find tenants or buyers has sufficient resources to carry out this task correctly and efficiently.

Why are there such services?

Firstly, none of the Cypriot real estate agencies owns this information tool which would provide them with a steady flow of new tenants and property buyers.  Of course, there are plenty of websites out there, but anyone can create a 3-4 page site for a small amount of money and fill it with the minimum amount of information necessary.

There are many such websites; the majority lost entirely in the unlimited space of the internet.  To make the site come alive, it needs professional editorial work and financial investment.

We are proud to say that Cyprus Inform has over 2,000 checked (90% and above), unique articles, which allows our web-portal to be at the front of search engines providing information on all the main topics related to Cyprus.

Happy coupleHow we can help you

As to the first category “rental or sale of a property with a real estate agent”, we can assure you that Cyprus Inform is far more capable of coping with this task through its web portal than any realtor in Cyprus.

Get to know how we find the right customer for you, and how the traditional social networks, Google and Yandex, will learn about your property at

Trust Management

Now a few words about Trust Management and the benefits available to the owner when choosing a company that has such services, and Cyprus Inform particularly.

Asset Management is a set of services provided to the customer who prefers the company to take on all the maintenance associated with the property.

These services may include a weekly inspection of the property, collecting mail, etc., payment of utility bills, cleaning, laundry, managing water consumption, electrical and plumbing maintenance.  As well as any repair work, gardening and irrigation, buying and delivery of furniture and garden equipment for pool maintenance, reporting any faults, storage of keys and more.


Pool maintenanceGardeningСleaning

On behalf of the customer (real estate owner), the trustee (legal entity) takes care of the necessary advertising and marketing activities to find tenants or buyers for the property, enters into contracts and conducts preliminary discussions and meetings. He organises the tenant’s arrival and send-off, carrying out regular maintenance and inspection of the facilities before the arrival and departure of the tenants.

Cyprus Inform not only offers these services to the customer but also more detailed and demanding requirements, within the framework of real estate “asset management”.

Just visit our property department, call: +357 25 322677, or write: [email protected].

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