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Why You Shouldn’t Starve to lose Weight

t is common for people to think that since eating makes us gain weight, starvation helps us lose it. However, starving yourself will likely make you gain more weight than overeating! Aside from that, starving yourself is extremely dangerous.

Think of why we eat in the first place. We east because our bodies need energy to function. What we eat is turned into fuel for our bodies, and when we starve ourselves we take all that energy away.

Here are the things that will happen next:

Sluggish Metabolism


Starving yourself will make your metabolism slow down a great deal. Think of it this way; if you are told that a drought is on its way you would just go get all the things you need to ride it out. Our bodies do the same thing so you will have what you need when there is nothing coming in. Your body does exactly the same.

When we eat our bodies store energy reserves, and when we starve ourselves those reserves are pulled forward, making your metabolic rate slow down. This makes you feel dull and lifeless because no energy is coming in.

Destruction of Muscle Cells

Our bodies need protein. If we do not give ourselves what we need, our systems will begin destroying muscle cells in order to glean whatever protein that they can from these cells. Muscles are made up of about 70% water.

When a muscle cell is destroyed water is set free and excretes for your body. So when you see a few pounds drop off that is what it is… the death of your muscle cells. When you get rid of the muscle you increase your body fat and make you look bigger than before.

Decline in Health

While it is true that short-term starvation can harm your muscles and make your body release fat cells which make you look bigger, long-term starvation-while effective- is 100% unhealthy and dangerous. Your entire body begins to turn on you as you begin to starve and fall into eating disorder mode. This means your organs aren’t functioning properly and you are slowly killing yourself.

The bottom line is that this starvation to lose weight is a dangerous path to take his is what happens when you’re trying to lose weight and starve yourself. (metabolism slows down, starving mode, no burning, body water loss and muscle etc.).


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