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Akrotiri village


Today we are travelling towards the salt lake in the Akrotiri area, which dries up in summer and in winter is filled with water and becomes a haven for a variety of migratory birds: gray cranes and white pelicans, mute swans and herons, as well as the famous pink flamingos.

With awe, you will stand and admire the graceful birds which flew here from around the world to survive the winter.

The journey begins

After Trachoni village, we pass a coniferous alley and stop the car in the spacious parking lot. Moving a little further, stepping on soft grayish hue sand, we find ourselves on one of the most popular beaches in Limassol – Lady’s Mile.

They say that the beach of Cyprus received its name during the British reign: Lady was the Gorvernor’s horse, on which he used to make long rides across the beach. So, the place got its name from it.


 Lady's Mile beach

If we stand facing the sea, then a little bit far below, we can see the houses in Limassol; to the right, Lady’s Mile goes into unknown worlds, where its contours merge with the edge of the sky. The atmosphere of the coastal taverns is perfect. Over the weekend, they are quite crowded, but the beach stretches for 8 km, so everyone can find a free space to relax by the beach.

Salt lakes in Akrotiri

We drive to Akrotiri village, following the signs to the Akrotiri Square towards the large supermarket, where we turn right and then left at the second turn to the Agiou Sila Str. At the place where the asphalt ends, the trail that passes through the scrubby forest with twisted pine trees begins. The road, which is surrounded by thyme bushes from all the sides, often goes in opposite sides, so due to lack of indexes you can easily get lost.

However, if you rely on intuition and stick to the main road, from where you only once, turn right (immediately after the goat stable), in a few hundred meters you will see the sea.


There is an observation tower near the coast, a house with a red roof and Salt lakes in Akrotiribenches. To the right of it lies a miniature berth for two or three fishing boats. Next to it is a stand with photographs and information about the local inhabitants that appear here in the summer: the Green Turtle or Chelonia Mydas and the Loggerhead Turtle or Caretta Caretta.

We arrive at the blue sea and reddish-brown sandy cliff. At this distance we can see the beach, dotted with soft light sand, which sometimes is replaced by shiny pebbles. Here you will feel as if on a desert island: you will want to build a castle from sand, look at the blue sea for hours, listen to the monotonous sound of the waves, whistle the melody and throw pebbles in the clear waters for a long time, just admiring the ripples.

Take a stroll along the beach, and it’s possible for you to find one of the stones polished by sea waves, on which seashells and sand are stuck to, creating the most extraordinary mosaic.

Ghostly sails

Salt lake in Akrotiri

What could be seen in the distance? A Ghost Ship? We are on the same coast where the skeletons of sunken ships lie. According to the stories of local fishermen, one ship, which was left by the crew in 1976, was thrown out on the sand by waves. Now it is here, covered with rust, twinkling lights and hiding secrets of the past.

A debris-abandoned schooner, which was turned over by a wave in 1968, is sticking out of the water. They say that there is the third ship that sank in 1940, which disappeared under the imperious waves. People say that in the local waters you can find many buried treasures.

The Cats’ Cape, a water park and shopping!

Saint Nicolas MonasteryAfter visiting this mysterious place, we go towards the convent of St. Nicholas (also known as “cats'” monastery). It is located three kilometers from Akrotiri village. According to legend, the Holy Empress Elena ordered a ship of cats to be delivered in Cyprus, in order to get rid of the hundreds of snakes. The ship with the graceful animals approached the shore at a place known as the Cape Gaton (Cats’ Cape). Since then, the cats that saved the island enjoy the respect of the locals.

On the way out of Trachoni village you will certainly have a look at Fasouri, which is one of the best waterparks in Cyprus. The waterpark is open from May to the late October, and on summer days, it is filled with cheerful voices of the Cypriots and the visitors of the island.

Well, all year round you can go to My Mall –  a shopping center, located near the waterpark. There are shops of world known brands: Zara, United Colors of Benetton, Mango and many others. In any season, you can not only buy something new, but also enjoy a refreshment or meal in the cafés and restaurants and even skate on the indoor skating center.

Farewell to the shore wrecks

Akrotiri is definitely different from the mountain villages in Cyprus. But it is undoubtedly worthy of attention: the hidden beaches, the salt lake, the beautiful monastery … All this attract visitors to the island and makes them flee to the village to spend an unforgettable day on the beach or enjoy traditional dishes in one of the taverns, surrounded by orange trees.

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