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We have already written about the fact that despite the fact that the mountain villages of Cyprus are something similar to each other – the way of life, small cafes and restaurants, a sense of calmness and peace – in each of them, for sure, you will find something special that will make you come back again.

Limnatis village is located approximately 20 km north-west of Limassol in the Troodos Mountains, and each year it attracts locals from around the island of Cyprus and visitors during the riotous color blooming of the almond trees.

The village is situated at an altitude  of 480m above sea level, surrounded by beautiful almond trees. If you come here in February, you will feel that the air is filled with aromas of these beautiful flowers. Also in the village there are almond citrus plantations, thanks to which the combination of smell becomes incredible.

The population of the village is only 350 people, however, on holidays and weekends the number increases significantly, as relatives and friends come here, those who left the village in search of better work in other cities and countries.


almond trees bloomingalmond trees bloomingalmond trees blooming

The history of the village goes back a long time: the information about it has been preserved since the reign of the Franks and  the Venetians. Two neighboring villages are marked on old maps of Cyprus, for example, on the map of A. Ortelius 1573. One of them is called “Limnati”, and the second – “The climate.” However, it is the same place which was called Upper and Lower Limnati, although written evidence on this subject has not been preserved. It is possible that these were two separate villages, combined into one during the reign of the Ottomans.

The village’s name comes from the Greek word limni, which means “lake”. According to legend, the village was named so because of the many small lakes located here. But now the “emblem” of the village became the almond trees. Every year in late February, the village is decorated with beautiful white and pink flowers. And in August, the collection of these unique nuts begins.

Limnatis villageSights and traditions

The village has several churches that are worth a visit. One of them – the church of Agios Epifanios is located three minutes away from the village center. A unique project, built in the mountain village, attracts many visitors. Also in the village there are two churches built from stone, each of which has its own history: Timiou Prodromou and Metamorfosis church. And yet there are 8 chapels … Well, quite a number of holy places for a small village!

During the hot weather, you can relax in the heart of one of the two parks: the famous park Tremitos, which is in the shade of a tree of the same name, whose age is 600 years old.

Right in the village is the river Limnatis, to which you can go directly to by the village streets. Part of the territory is protected under the NATURA 2000 project aimed at conservation of natural monuments, flora and fauna.

Limnatis is the largest producer of almonds in Cyprus. Local residents are engaged in traditional crafts, most of them are farmers. The village produces a variety of products from almonds: the famous almond paste, jam, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. You will definitely want to take something with you.

traditional productsIf you are interested in Cypriot tradition, a visit to the shop to buy jam and almond products from grapes is  certainly worth it (paluze and Shooshookos).

The tradition of baking delicious rustic bread in the wooden oven is also preserved in Limnatis. Well, if you walk in the mountains, you will see herds of sheep grazing freely on the slopes. This is a small flock that belongs to local residents. From the sheep’s milk, yogurt is produced here and the famous cheese halloumi.

If you can, be sure to try resi – a delicious pilaf with lamb and wheat, which is usually made during a wedding feast. In Limnatis it is simply magnificent.

The residents of Limnatis protect their traditions: here Cypriot crafts are still preserved- basket weaving and embroidery with a hook. Right on the streets and in the courtyards of houses women braiding colorful baskets of various shapes and sizes can be seen. One of these is called tsestos baskets, which is specially used for drying trahanas (boulgour, milk and flour, which is the same placed in the soup). In the same baskets they dry grapes: exposed to the sun the grapes are turned into raisins.


residents in Limnatistraditional products

And of course, you can take part in the preparation of traditional dishes: the village hosts a variety of workshops (bread baking, making halloumi etc.). These workshops are organized on request.


It’s time to leave the village and go to our welcoming home. However, we believe that in next February, we will come back to admire the flowering almond trees, participate in the village’s festivals, and take the soul of traditional Cyprus with us.

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