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Дома из местного камня цвета чая с молоком26 kilometers outside Limassol, 800 m above sea level, hides the small village of Lofou (Lophos in Greek), named after the hilly landscape which stretches around it like a large amphitheatre.

Local people say that the village used to be called Ephtalophos, which translated means ‘seven hills.’ Over the course of time ‘lophos’ was abbreviated to Lofou and this has been the name of the village for a little over a century.

The History and the Modernity

Деревня ЛофуThere is no information on the exact date of the founding of the village, but it is assumed that the first inhabitants appeared during the Arab raids of the 7th century.

To safeguard themselves from constant Arab attacks, the village inhabitants moved away from the shore and made a quiet life for themselves up in the hills of Lofou. The village of Lofou is located off the main villages scattered along the main road of Limassol – Troodos.

You can easily find this secluded mountain settlement by following the road signs after Alassa.

After the Second World War the population of the village drastically diminished as the inhabitants moved to Ypsonas, located close to Limassol, to find better paid work.

Now it is Lofou that is a unique place. It has been resurrected and development has begun thanks to a programme of the Cypriot tourist organization, the goal of which is the development of аgrotourism in Cyprus.

Reconstruction and building of roads began at the end of the 80s. The bulk of the construction work was aimed at regaining the former reputation and beauty, and the restoration was carried out in accordance with old plans.

The small village is notable for its labyrinth of paved lanes, beautiful houses made of coffee and milk coloured local stone, and decorated with pine delivered from Kampos. There is neither concrete nor rubbish here… and very few inhabitants….just 52 people live in the renovated village!

The village comes to life in the middle of summer when the inhabitants of Limassol and Ypsonas return to the refreshing coolness of the mountain air to escape from the scorching heat.

Традиционная таверна в Лофу Where You Can Have Lunch in Lofou

When in the village you must visit the Lofou Traditional Tavern. Here you will meet the Violaris family whose members have devoted their lives to their village and now live here permanently.

In 1992 the Violarises decided to join the Cypriot programme for the development of agrotourism, and created a cosy traditional apartment and tavern.

Time seems to stand still at the Lofou Tavern with its traditional fireplace, black and white family pictures and antiques everywhere. The place is filled with the spirit of a bygone era.

Старинный интерьер таверныBut the real prize is the home-made treats cooked by hostess Аndrulla, and if you enquire after the recipes, host Kostas will happily share his secrets to you.

Kostas occasionally makes an appearance on television, where he shares his cooking secrets with his grateful listeners!

If you stay in the village for several days you can learn to make bread, traditional kleftiko, mousaka, halloumi and you can go picnicking or just wander the picturesque streets.

In the lower part of Lofou you will find the equally attractive tavern of Kamares and its host Ksenios, who is an expert at cooking traditional Cypriot dishes. Regular on the menu are grilled mutton and various home-made foods unique to this mountain village.

Lofou Sights

Further down there is a museum with an authentic two hundred year old olive press. The Olive Mill sign points the way so it’s very easy to find!

The holy of holies is located closer to the centre – a huge cave which served as a refuge for shepherds in bygone times, when there was a thick impenetrable forest on the site of Lofou. Nowadays the cave is of important historical heritage and the village council allocates funds to support it each year.

There is also the church of Christolophitissa, built in 1872 and devoted to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, аs well as a small church museum. The church has an eight hundred year old icon

Where to Stay in Lofou

There is the hotel-boutique Apokryfo, which translated means ‘mysterious’ or ‘hidden’ What is the mystery? Оpen its doors and you will be struck by the fairy tale like interior created by architect Vakis Khadzhikiriyakou and his wife Diana.

It is worth taking lunch and sampling the exceptional wines on the terrace of the restaurant, where there is a wonderful view of the village.

The pool has crystal clear refreshing water, the rooms are a skillful blend of old and new, there are massage and sauna facilities in the SPA centre, whilst the narrow lanes, ancient walls and hilly landscape all come together so that you will never be without something to do or see.


Отель-бутик «Апокрифо»Отель-бутик «Апокрифо»Деревня Лофу

There are special areas from where you can see the houses of Lofou, scattered like beads, with endless roofs glued to one another, lights twinkling at night.

Lоphou is the embodiment of peace and quiet. At night the lights of the street lamps interweave with the reflection of the moon and stars… A unique and mesmerizing sight.



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