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“Antigone” in Limassol

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of July at 21:00

As part of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama in Limassol, the Kourion ancient theatre will become the venue for the play based on the Sophocles’ “Antigone“.

The theatre group “5th Season Art”, under the direction of Themis Moumoulidis, will present the modern approach (using the new translation by Panayiota Panadzi) to the master-piece tragedy of the Grand Master, complimented with the contemporary music written by Stavros Gasparos.

The dialogues in “Antigone” have strong political meanings, which lead the listeners to the idea of necessity for free men to live in accordance with their personal system of values, which will unavoidably conflict with the unfair government system and arbitrariness. Antigone decides to bury her brother, stating that the heart’s unwritten law is more superior than the human law.

The play will be shown with English subtitles.


  • In all SOEASY kiosks;
  • Musical Paradise shops;
  • TIME OUT Kiosk in Paphos;
  • In N Out Kiosk in Paralimni;
  • on the website:

For additional information call at: 7000 2414 or visit

Place: Curium Ancient Theater
Address: Limassol Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Theatre

Ticket price:

  • €10 - per ticket
  • €5 - Discounted

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